Cover Reveal

First Look at HEARTHFIRE by Emmie Mears



Magic forms both feast and famine…

Carin has never known hunger. Born into the Hearthland, a lush world of fertile fields and abundant resources, her biggest worry is whether she and her three friends will find their true names on their Journeying. But when one of them is murdered on the morning of their departure, Carin’s peaceful world is stained with blood.

As they travel north, Carin and her friends discover a horrible truth: their land’s bounty is no mystery. An ancient spell cast by their ancestors is draining the very life force from the lands across the northern mountains, withering the earth and starving its people.

Forced to confront the truth, Carin must decide her own fate. Remain silent and allow the murder of the earth itself—or risk her own life in exile and break the spell.

The hearths of home have only ever nourished. Now the Hearthland will see just how hot fire can burn.

All choices have consequences.

Imprint: BHC Press/Indigo
Genre: Epic Fantasy
On Sale: 7/13/2018

Pre-order begins: Friday, March 30, 2018

Available Formats:
Hardcover: 978-1-947727-51-9, $27.95, 420 pages
Softcover: 978-1-946848-52-9, $15.95, 420 pages
Ebook: 978-1-947727-52-6, $7.99

About the author: Emmie Mears writes the books they always needed to read about characters they wish they could be. Emmie is multilingual, autistic, agender, and a bad pescetarian. Emmie makes their home on planet Earth, and more specifically in Glasgow, Scotland. They live with their partner and two rescued kitties who call Emmie and John a forever home.

For more information about HEARTHFIRE and other BHC Press titles, and to download a HEARTHFIRE poster, visit the publisher’s website.

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