Cover Reveal

First Look at BACKPACKING MY STYLE by Cristina Grau



I’m often asked how I can travel the world inexpensively. My secret? I love to house-sit. Travel along with me and experience the joy of traveling and seeing the world. We’ll visit North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Balkans and Europe.

I’ll share my experiences as well as history, customs and traditions. At the end of the book, I’ll reveal my grand total.

One year. Sixteen countries. A lifetime of adventure and enlightenment…on a budget that won’t break the bank.

Imprint: BHC Press/Amber Horn
Genre: Nonfiction, Travel
On Sale: 6/12/2018

About the author: Cristina Grau hails from Uruguay, a beautiful little country in South America. Since she was a little girl, she has dreamed of traveling the world and visiting different places, learning about different cultures and enjoying local foods, and being a nomad. And since 2008 she has been living her dream.

Her other interests include writing, reading, painting, and decorating. She also loves to spend time and travel with her children and grandchildren.

For more information about BACKPACKING MY STYLE and other BHC Press titles, visit the publisher’s website.

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