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THE RITE OF WANDS by Mackenzie Flohr Wins Fantasy Finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards

Rite_of_Wands_M_Flohr_FC_FINALBHC Press is pleased to announce THE RITE OF WANDS by Mackenzie Flohr has won the Fantasy Finalist award in the 9th annual International Book Awards (IBA) sponsored by American Book Fest.

Jeffrey Keen, President and CEO of American Book Fest, said this year’s contest yielded over 2,000 entries from authors and publishers around the world, which were then narrowed down to the final results. “The 2018 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the world. With a full publicity and marketing campaign promoting the results of IBA, this year’s winners and finalists will gain additional media coverage for the summer season.”

Keen adds, “IBA’s success begins with the enthusiastic participation of authors and publishers and continues with our distinguished panel of industry judges who bring to the table their extensive editorial, PR, marketing, and design expertise.”

American Book Fest covers books from all sections of the publishing industry, including mainstream and independent.

The complete list of finalists can be found at:

“We’re over the moon THE RITE OF WANDS by Mackenzie Flohr won fantasy finalist,” stated Joni Firestone, co-founder/publisher of BHC Press. “Recently, the book was also named a Finalist in FOREWORD MAGAZINE’S book awards, and we are thrilled for her and this continued recognition.”

THE RITE OF WANDS tells the tale of Mierta McKinnon. When a horrible fate reveals itself during his Rite of Wands ceremony, he must find a way to change not only his destiny but also the land of Iverna’s. Published by BHC Press/Indigo. Available in hardcover (978-1-946848-86-4, $25.95, 264 pages) trade softcover (978-1-946006-43-1, $14.95, 252 pages) and ebook ($5.99).

About Mackenzie Flohr: Mackenzie Flohr is the award-winning author of the popular young adult fantasy series The Rite of Wands. A storyteller at heart, she loves to inspire the imagination. Mackenzie makes her home in Michigan, where she is currently penning her next adventure.

About BHC Press: BHC Press is an independent publisher of general fiction and nonfiction hardcover, softcover, and ebooks for both YA and adults. To learn more about Mackenzie Flohr and BHC Press, visit the publisher’s website.

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