Cover Reveal

First Look at IA: THE ORIGIN NOVELS by John Darryl Winston


THE ORIGIN NOVELS contains all books in the IA series, including the new novella INVINCIBLE ASSASSIN of this highly acclaimed series.

IA: INITIATE:  The most important thing in the world to young orphan Naz Anderson is keeping his little sister safe. But when they see a seemingly random act of gang violence, Naz discovers a secret that plunges him into a supernatural world within.

IA: B.O.S.S.: Naz is beginning to understand his psychic gifts. When Naz gets too close to the truth, he must unleash his newfound abilities to wield his own unique brand of justice. Will his desire for revenge lead to his destruction or his destiny?

IA: INVINCIBLE ASSASSIN: (book 2.5)  What do you do when tragedy strikes your best friend—a best friend who has the power of a god? You learn the only thing worse than having nothing to live for is having nothing to lose.

IA: UNION: In the exciting series finale, Naz Anderson can’t find peace or the answers he seeks. All he knows is the cold reality of the streets. But his world changes when he meets D, the girl of his dreams. But when D goes missing, Naz will need to use his supernatural abilities and his street smarts to rescue her or risk losing everything.

Imprint: BHC Press/H2O
Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Series: IA: The Complete Series

On Sale: 10/2/2018

Available Formats:
Ebook:      978-1-947727-95-3, PDF, Mobi, Epub

Preorder: Available July 10, 2018

For more information on IA: THE ORIGIN NOVELS by John Darryl Winston as well as the complete IA series, visit the publisher’s website.

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