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Destiny Awaits When Magic and Passion Unite in DESTINY FULFILLED—the Exciting and Sizzling Debut Novel by Laire McKinney

Destiny_Fulfilled_Laire_McKinney_FC_WebDESTINY FULFILLED, the sizzling debut novel by Laire McKinney, is a steamy romantic fantasy set against the backdrop of rich Celtic lore.

“I love the idea of alternate realms and Celtic lore, and having worked in the mental health field, I wondered how magic and mythology could challenge our views of what is sane and what isn’t,” stated Laire McKinney. “I also wanted to touch on that feeling of knowing there is something more to your life, but you’re not sure what. A flicker of déjà vu, a little unidentified nostalgia… And lots of romance. Steamy, sultry romance!”

In DESTINY FULFILLED, Wren O’Hara is waiting for the day she succumbs to mental illness like her mother. When she is attacked by a psychotic client at work, and saved by what must be an angel, she fears the time for insanity has come. Little does she know, however, that her savior is an immortal warrior druid named Riagan Tenman, and that he will challenge everything she ever thought she knew about reality.

This sizzling debut novel is published by BHC Press and will appeal to fans of  SILVER SILENCE by Nalini Singh.

Available in hardcover (978-1-947727-63-2, 260 pages, $26.95), trade softcover (978-1-947727-22-9, 260 pages, $14.95), and ebook (978-1-947727-64-9, $7.99) at Barnes & Noble as well as all other major retailers and booksellers.

Advance Praise for DESTINY FULFILLED

“What a FANTASTIC novel that I couldn’t get enough of reading! I liked that I found a NEW author who whetted my appetite for more paranormal and I MUST read more!”
— LibraryThing Early Reviewers

“What a great read with lots of romance and fantasy characters to boost your imagination…a great story. I look forward to reading more books from this author.”
— LibraryThing Early Reviewers

About Laire McKinney: Laire McKinney writes contemporary romance and romantic fantasy. She believes in a hard-earned happily-ever-after, with nothing more satisfying than passionate kisses and sexy love scenes. When not writing steamy romance, she can be found traipsing among the wildflowers or reading under a willow tree. Laire lives in Virginia with her family and beloved rescue pup, Lila.

About BHC Press: BHC Press is an award-winning independent publisher of general fiction and nonfiction hardcover, softcover, and ebooks for both YA and adults. To learn more about Laire McKinney and BHC Press, visit the publisher’s website.

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