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BENEATH THE OLD OAK by Lisa Shambrook Addresses Themes of Mental Health With Realism and Hope

Beneath_the_Old_Oak_L_Shambrook_WEBFresh and timely, Lisa Shambrook’s Surviving Hope novels explore the sensitive subjects of grief, mental health, and the struggle to find personal identity. Written with realism and understanding, Ms. Shambrook’s young adult series lets teens know they aren’t alone, and that even though life at times can feel overwhelming, we can survive if we embrace hope.

“I wrote these books with themes that felt dark at times, but lived within my heart,” said Lisa Shambrook. “These stories needed to be told and beneath the struggle we all experience, there is an underlying message of hope. No matter what scars we have, we should always be true to our own authenticity.”

In Beneath the Old Oak, Meg’s mother is having a breakdown, but no support is available to her during this difficult time. Seeking to escape bullies and overwhelming anxiety, she discovers an old oak tree whose revelations begin to change her life.

Teens who are fans of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green or If I Stay by Gayle Forman will enjoy reading the Surviving Hope series.

Advance Praise for Beneath the Old Oak

“a brave book that tackles serious issues for a younger audience in a mature and sensitive way…” LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Beneath the Old Oak is available at Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other fine book sellers in trade softcover (978-1-947727-42-7, 216 pages, $12.95) and ebook (978-1-948540-06-3, $6.99).

About Lisa Shambrook:
Lisa is an author and dreamer who loves dragons. A sensory writer, Lisa delves into sensitive subject matters that will lift your spirit and steal your heart. Born and raised in vibrant Brighton, England, the ocean heavily influenced her lyrical and emotional writing. Since having her first of three children, she has lived in Carmarthen, West Wales, another town rich in legend and lore. She works with the senses, description and colour, and her readers will easily visualise the narrative. Lisa draws inspiration from her family, nature, memory and imagination.

About BHC Press:
BHC Press is an award-winning independent publisher of general fiction and nonfiction hardcover, softcover, and ebooks for YA and adults. To learn more about Lisa Shambrook and BHC Press, visit the publisher’s website.

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