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In BLOOD OF THE FAE by Tom Mohan, Sometimes the Past Is Better Left Unknown…

Blood_of_the_Fae_Tom_Mohan_FCBeyond the woods lies a gateway to the fabled land of the fae—the world of Tír na nÓg. This mystical land is filled with magic and evil, drawing people from around the world who seek its power. And this world is about to be discovered…

When Liza finds herself in the tiny midwestern town of Halden’s Mill, she is taken in by the Finns, a mysterious family who claim to guard the entrance to the fabled land of the faerie. Liza is slowly drawn into a world of monsters, dark magic and a host of peculiar townsfolk. Now she must rethink everything she’s ever known and seek her destiny before two worlds collide with a force that could mean the end of the human race.

Blood of the Fae by Tom Mohan is a unique and suspenseful read that will have readers peering over their shoulders every time they enter the woods and will appeal to fans of Stephen King’s Needful Things, Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and the hit TV series Grimm.

Don’t miss the upcoming feature on Blood of the Fae in Publishers Weekly.

 Advance Praise for Blood of the Fae

“…a good read for fans of dark fantasy and those who love all things involving the world of the fairies.” — LibraryThing Early Reviewers

“I could NOT put this book down… Author Tom Mohan pulls the reader into the story right away…” —

Blood of the Fae (BHC Press/Open Window) is available worldwide in trade softcover (978-1-947727-57-1, $15.95, 356 pages) and ebook (978-1-947727-99-1, $7.99) at fine booksellers and retailers. Order direct from Ingram, Overdrive, or publisher.

About Tom Mohan: Tom Mohan grew up in rural Missouri and spent his time reading to escape boredom. He now resides in San Diego with his family, where he is currently working on his next suspense novel, THE FRINGE. 

About BHC Press: BHC Press is an award-winning independent publisher of general fiction and nonfiction hardcover, softcover, and ebooks for YA and adults. To learn more about Tom Mohan and BHC Press, visit the publisher’s website.

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