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BHC Press Announces 2019 First Quarter Release Schedule

We’re pleased to announce our release schedule for the first quarter of 2019. The list is comprised of eleven titles and include five nonfiction titles.

The release list is as follows:

January 2019

January 10th: Through Mountains and Valleys by Sherolyn Porter (BHC Press/Zander, Trade Softcover $16.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-74-8, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-28-5) In her new devotional, Porter shares her personal stories and experiences with God as he makes Himself known in the midst of “life as usual,” revealing the tenderness of His loving grace, His encouragement to persist when we don’t feel like we can, and the absolute truth that we all matter in His “grand scheme of things.”

January 17th: War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (BHC Press/Signature, Trade Softcover $11.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-59-5, Ebook $3.99  The classic science fiction tale is republished with an all-new, original short story “When a Martian Wakes” by Gary Morgenstein (A Mound Over Hell)

February 2019

February 7th: How I Motivated Myself to Succeed by Shelley Wilson (BHC Press/Zander, Trade Softcover $11.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-47-2, Ebook $6.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-27-8) Award-winning motivational blogger Shelley Wilson teaches how to live life to the fullest with these practical tips, exercises, and real-life stories of success designed to help with trusting the decisions you make while celebrating and balancing life.

February 21st: The Butterfly by Paul M. Hedeen (BHC Press/Gelan, Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-33-5 Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-34-2, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-60-5) This historical fiction novel takes place in 1963 prior to the Kennedy assassination. When a Russian professor dies of what is believed a stroke, the professor’s eccentricities and complicity create both mystery and jeopardy as his documents lead his student backward into a century of famine, political terror, and war.

February 26th: The Secret of Dinswood by Ellen Alexander (BHC Press/H2O, Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-48-3 Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-55-7, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-36-0) The first book in a new middle-grade/YA adventure series (The Dinswood Chronicles) starring twelve-year-old Emma Higsby. When she discovers a riddle of buried treasure, the race is on to find the treasure and save her beloved school, The Dinswood Academy. Perfect for fans of Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, and The Goonies.

February 28th: Business Divas That Care: Journeys of Discovery by Candace Gish (BHC Press/Zander, Trade Softcover $12.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-20-9, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-21-6) A new book in the Divas That Care series exploring inspirational real-life stories by women in their search for self-discovery.

March 2019

March 5th: The Window is a Mirror by Michael Andreoni (BHC Press/Gelan, Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-38-4 Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-38-0, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-39-1) A thought-provoking collection of sixteen short stories examining the working-class life.

March 7th: The Lonely Warthog by Artigua Kilpatrick. Illustrated by Alli Kappen (BHC Press/Zoop, Hardcover $17.95; ISBN 978-1-947727-91-5, Ebook 7.99; ISBN: 978-1-947727-92-2) A story for young children told in rhyme about a lonely warthog on a journey to find a friend.

March 14th: Stormie’s Joy by S.C. Conway (BHC Press/Zander, Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-52-0, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-53-7) A collection of true animal stories, celebrating their joy, humor and sensitivity and heroics.

March 21st: Sacred Hearts Rising: Finding Your Wings by Brenda Hammon (BHC Press/Zander, Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-00-1, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-01-8) Inspirational, true-life stories of survival from women who have suffered anything from abuse to life-threatening illness.

March 28th: Madame Koska & Le Spectre de la Rose by Ilil Arbel (BHC Press/Open Window, Trade Softcover $12.95; ISBN 978-1-948540-11-7, Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-948540-12-4) An impossible murder takes place on stage, in front of an audience attending a performance by the most famous ballet company in the world of the 1920s. The police are baffled. Fortunately, Madame Koska is on the scene to solve the murder.

For more information on these titles, request a digital ARC, or inquire about featuring one of these titles and/or authors on your blog, visit

Release dates are subject to change.

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