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Eight Books to Fall in Love With

These eight books will have you falling in love all over again…



Destiny Fulfilled by Laire McKinney

Only love can save them…

Wren O’Hara is waiting for the day she succumbs to mental illness like her mother. When she is attacked by a psychotic client at work, and saved by what must be an angel, she fears the time for insanity has come.

Little does she know, her savior is an immortal warrior druid named Riagan Tenman, and that he will challenge everything she ever thought she knew about reality.

Now Wren must decide if the fantasy unfolding before her is true, or if she has finally lost her mind.


Lucia by Patricia Paris

Antonio DeLuca knows exactly what he wants in life.
Lucia Bonavera knows exactly what she doesn’t.
Destiny has something completely different in mind for each of them.

Betrothed at birth but never having met, pragmatic innkeeper, Lucia, and sexy Italian architect, Antonio, consider their grandfathers’ thirty-year-old marriage pact a meaningless relic. Neither had any interest in meeting the other, but when Antonio travels to the States on holiday, his grandfather blackmails him into visiting Lucia at her family’s winery in the Virginia foothills, and when he does, their mutual disinterest is replaced by an unexpected, yet undeniable attraction.

When Antonio makes a decision that keeps him in the States indefinitely, Lucia decides she’s tired of always playing things safe and follows her heart—straight into Antonio’s welcoming arms. But Antonio has a secret, one that impacts Lucia as much as him. A secret that could destroy her trust in him forever.


Jason’s Princess by Elise Manion

Running From the Past, She Found the Truth…

Food truck owner Julie Armstrong has a lot on her plate, including raising her seventeen-year-old brother, Charlie. Barely making ends meet, she has no time for a relationship.

Jason King has been in love with Julie since the moment he saw her. There’s only one problem: she can’t stand him and blames him for the past.

But when a dangerous man threatens Julie and her brother, she’s forced to trust the one man she never thought she could. Julie is about to discover the truth about the man who’s loved her all along.


Choice by Jean Booth

It was chance, guided by the hands of a god, that brought them together.

Natasha didn’t believe the fairy tales she read to her niece. Having given up on love, she only read them to instill a sense of hope. But when Natasha goes scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle, suddenly the life she’s always known is changed forever.

Thrust into a culture of people she’s only read about in books, she meets Raif, a shape-shifting Warrior Chief of Atlantis—and her soul mate. Their attraction is instant, powerful, and something she’s never experienced before.

Now Natasha must decide what she truly wants. Can she follow her heart and accept Raif without losing herself in the process? Or will she run away and doom a hidden culture to eternal isolation?


For the Love of Magic by Natalie Gibson

Maeve Lovejoy isn’t allowed to fall in love. Instead, she spends her time serving as matchmaker to her coven. The sacrifice isn’t too terrible a burden—until she meets Aaron Wright.

Coven Abbess Nathalia doesn’t trust men. Faced with the possibility of losing the most potent matchmaker in history, she allows Maeve to date.

But when someone begins murdering couples with a connection to the coven, the bodies begin to pile up and Maeve’s new beau becomes the prime suspect.

Is Aaron too good to be true or will he prove to be a deadly mistake?



Deny Tomorrow by Ann Heathman

When truth leads to heartache and death, it’s easier to deny truth than to face it…

Special Ops leader Zach Acevedo takes his team undercover to assassinate the region’s prominent warlord. He finds Arianna Garrett, a beautiful investigative journalist hiding beneath a burqa. Zach fights to protect Arianna from the danger she faces if discovered, while Arianna strives to expose the team’s covert activities. When the truth surfaces and lives are at risk, who will compromise integrity to hold onto love?


Emalyn’s Treasure by Joy Ross Davis

Lady Emalyn has kept a cherished treasure hidden in the cushion of a green velvet chair since the age of six. No one has ever seen it, including her beloved husband Owen and her devoted housekeeper, Fiona.

When Emalyn learns treasure hunters are near, she fears for the safety of her find. As she and Owen begin a journey into a world that neither of them could have imagined, Emalyn learns the value of the true treasures in her life.


Better Than Byron by Judy Carpenter

What do you do when someone rips your life apart? You pick up the pieces and put them back together. And sometimes you discover the pieces form a new pattern better than the original.

When Hermione Newburn steps through the door at her first ball her expectations go no further than a pleasant evening with a few dances with some friendly gentlemen. What she gets instead is betrothed to a man who only holds her in contempt.

Over the next year she is married, abandoned, disrespected, redeemed, and her marriage annulled. Then she is reacquainted with her former husband and against all odds the feelings of the former adversaries have changed significantly. It seems their previous animus has dissolved.

What’s left are possibilities. And possibilities can lead to more than one could ever imagine.​


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