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9 Great Books About Books That Readers Are Sure to Love

There’s nothing more magical than books!


Selected as #4 on this great list is The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane by Drea Damara

The far-off land of Farwin Wood might seem like a fun place to visit, but Sarah knows better than to awaken the weeping books and re-enter that dangerous, enchanted world from which too few return.

Read and watch the feature here.

Read an excerpt of The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane

Beyond Farwin Wood, book two in the series, releases April 11, 2019



Reviewers love Blinney Lane!

“Readers will enjoy this charming fantasy romance due to its endearing leads, and its timely message about love and how true love always requires sacrifice.” — InD’Tale Magazine

“WEEPING BOOKS holds the rare ability to reach widely outside of its genre: young adults, mystery readers, and those who love novels about antiques and bookstores will find it equally compelling and inviting…” —Midwest Book Review

“THE WEEPING BOOKS OF BLINNEY LANE is a fantastical adventure encompassing witch craft, alternate worlds, romance, family, and honor full of rich characters and worlds. Suitable for young adults.” — The San Francisco Book Review


To learn more about the Blinney Lane books, visit the publisher’s website.

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