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Cover Trends: THE BUTTERFLY by Paul M. Hedeen

We spy that familiar road of Paul M. Hedeen’s The Butterfly on The Booklist Reader‘s Cover Trend List! Now available from BHC Press.

To read the article, visit their website.


About the book:

In THE BUTTERFLY, Paul M. Hedeen takes us back to the fall of 1963, a few weeks before President Kennedy’s assassination. An obscure émigré Russian professor dies of a stroke—or so it is believed. The professor’s eccentricities and complicity create both mystery and jeopardy as his documents lead his student backward into a century of famine, political terror, and war and forward into a bewildering underworld of malevolent opportunists, unstable identities, and improvised histories.

the_butterfly_p_hedeen_fcWhen the student falls in with the troubled daughter of the Nazi elite, she becomes his lover, guide, and tormentor as both are irresistibly drawn into the dark aftermath of World War II. Memoirs, fairy tales, fiction, and scenarios interweave and reveal the postwar fate of Eva Braun and secrets concerning the famous Holocaust photo, “The Last Jew in Vinnitsa.”

Praise for The Butterfly

“…fascinating…sheds light on a difficult period in human history…” —Fred L. Holmes, director of the film Dakota

“…engaging…as packed as an ammo train and almost as threateningly explosive…” —Gary Eller author of Thin Ice and Other Risks

“The Butterfly is a novel that does not blink…it envisions how the experience of WWII was felt…long after the war’s end…an unsettling and powerful novel.” — Jim O’Loughlin, author of Dean Dean Dean Dean 

“…life changing! This book opened my eyes…” —Adriana A., NetGalley Reviewer and blogger at Books With Adri

To learn more about The Butterfly, including where to purchase, visit the publisher’s website.





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