NetGalley ARC: Last day to request the critically acclaimed fantasy novel HEARTHFIRE by Emmie Mears




Don’t miss your chance to request and read book 1 in the Stonebreaker series!


  Request through March 19 at NetGalley.


ARCs for Tidewater, book 2 in the Stonebreaker series, will be available on NetGalley and at the publisher’s website beginning June 2019.


About the series:

Magic forms both both feast and famine.

In the Northlands, people grow ill and starve, always wandering an unforgiving land for sustenance. In the Hearthland to the south, guarded by mountains and deep magic alike, the people work land that yields crops, herds, and security enough for all.

But magic only twists; it cannot irrevocably change. When the magics set in place long ago begin to unravel, people born of both famine and feast will have to fight for their futures–and five simple stones stand between the past and an unknown world beyond.

All choice comes with consequences.

To learn more about the Stonebreaker novels by Emmie Mears and other titles available from BHC Press, including other available ARCs, visit the publisher’s website.

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