Book Release

SACRED HEARTS RISING: FINDING YOUR WINGS Offers Twenty-seven Stories of Survival and Hope

SHR_FYW_BHammon_FC_Web.jpgSacred Hearts Rising: Finding Your Wings contains twenty-seven stories of people who have faced and survived profound trauma, loss, and pain. These essays of great strength, determination and understanding will take you on a profound journey of enlightenment and understanding.

“It’s important that we understand that we can make a difference in our own lives,” says Brenda Hammon, creator and compiler of the Sacred Hearts Rising anthologies and events. “In order for us to ease the challenges we face in life, we must take that first courageous step toward wanting to change. The stories contained within this anthology illustrate that beautifully and offer hope to those in similar situations.”

Brenda Hammon is an Alberta-based philanthropist, entrepreneur, goal setter and big dreamer with a mission in life to help create change for women. After ending her twenty-one year dysfunctional marriage, she dove into the life insurance business where she found a true passion of helping others in times of trouble.

She is the CEO and founder of Sacred Hearts Rising Summit, which hosts events to help honor women to inspire and lead them to a better way of living life. Brenda also founded the Create The Change movement, which seeks to help change laws and policies surrounding sexual abuse and domestic violence that women and children face daily. To learn more, visit her website.

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Sacred Hearts Rising: Finding Your Wings is available in trade softcover (978-1-948540-00-1, $14.95, 200 pages) and ebook (978-1-948540-01-8, $7.99) at fine booksellers everywhere. Order direct from Ingram, Overdrive, or the publisher’s website.

To learn more, visit the BHC Press website.



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