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An American Classic Love Story: KENNIG & GOLD by Christopher M. Struck

Daniel Kennig dreamed of fame and fortune…but when he meets Cynthia Gold on April 5, 1948, it will change both their lives forever.


Based on a true story

Cynthia Gold has just completed her degree at Columbia University and is set to move back to London when she spies the young Daniel Kennig across a café on 11th Street and Broadway. Intrigued by the boy with the book, she approaches him and sets in place a sequence of events that will change their fates forever. After an incredible evening dancing at a party at one of New York’s finest hotels, they debate their tremulous future. Cynthia tells him she must leave New York, and although she likes him, their ill-fated romance must end.

That’s when Daniel Kennig surprises her and himself, promising to put aside his career to follow her to Europe. Behind his calm exterior, Daniel’s mind has turned. He’s just booked a gig at a mid-tier Manhattan night club to follow his childhood dream to be a singer. He can’t afford a trip across the ocean, or the life that Cynthia leads, but with a deal struck with his manager to delay the shows, he can catapult himself into Cynthia’s life and win her heart.

The deal has been struck. Daniel Kennig and Cynthia Gold will rendezvous in Europe. However, to make their relationship work, Daniel must not only win her heart, but the heart of Cynthia’s callous, widowed mother, while fending off English royalty with an eye on Gold. Ultimately, they must confront their underlying differences before the duo can even dream of returning happily to New York where waiting for Danny is the deal that began it all.​

Author: Christopher M. Struck
Title: Kennig & Gold
Publication Date: June 11, 2019
Publisher: BHC Press

Available Formats
Hardcover, 978-1-948540-76-6, 240 pages, $25.95
Softcover, 978-1-947727-75-5, 240 pages, $14.95
Ebook, 978-1-948540-88-9, $7.99

LCCN: 2018948476
Category: Fiction/ Historical / Romance
Distribution: Ingram, Overdrive, Publisher’s website

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Advance Praise for Kennig & Gold

“a beautifully told story…a remarkable work…that I highly recommend.” —Briannes Book Reviews

“I just loved this beautifully written novel. I fell in love immediately…” —Peppy OBrien, The Faded Reader and NetGalley

The Inspiration Behind The Book With Author Christopher M. Struck:

The inspiration for Kennig & Gold came from my friendship with a WWII marine named Nils. I saw in his real-life love story an opportunity to share an iconic American tale. As if straight from the 1940s, his story of love-at-first-sight gripped me immediately. His girlfriend was the inspiration for Cynthia Gold and her name was Marilyn. She had walked up to him at a send-off party for Marines in 1943 San Diego, and the two hit it off. He wrote her letters from the sea and he married her as soon as he got back. Seventy years later, he’s never dated another woman, and although he is blind, he still keeps pictures of her on his walls. She was a beautiful woman, and he spoke of her with great pride, emphasizing her wit and intellect. I imagined what it would be like if a brilliant female philosopher had disappeared before realizing her potential. This mysterious, powerful character became Gold; someone who would create action rather than follow it, choosing to lead rather than follow.

Nils was a good guy and became a sort of mentor, listening to some snippets of my writing and he also gave me advice on New York. Apparently, Frank Sinatra had tried to steal his girl at the time (not Marilyn) at a party when he and Sinatra were both teens. And that small story, in essence, created the character of Daniel Kennig: Frank Sinatra and his one flame.

The combination of my two main characters made writing the novel easy. They had clear personalities and a lot of differences, just like the characters I based them on. In the novel, these differences manifest themselves in many ways. Though, only after they’re whirlwind affair begins, because their romance developed quicker than they could get to know each other. This is potentially best captured by an exchange early in the novel when Gold says, “Don’t fall in love, Mr. Kennig. You don’t even know me.” To which Kennig replies, “I’m not in love, Miss Gold, but what I’ve seen, I like.”

About the Author:


Christopher Struck lives in New York City where he writes reviews for cabaret and Broadway musical theatre for Cabaret Scenes. Prior to moving to New York, he traveled to 19 countries, received six degrees, and studied two foreign languages. He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and credits the Midwest for instilling him with strong family and community values as well as the discipline needed to write.

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