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J.W. Garrett Discusses Her New YA Novel REMEON’S QUEST and the World of Remeon

The power of love can surpass any odds and span galaxies

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What will readers discover in your upcoming release Remeon’s Quest?

Remeon’s Quest explores interrelated themes of inner strength, destiny, love and loss, and how the power of these can drive our life choices. The novel begins on Earth in the 1930s, where protagonist Jack’s early life is forged by the events surrounding the Great Depression. While the pain of loss and hardship mold him into a hard-working young man of integrity and character, they also combine to prepare him for his extraterrestrial adventure to Remeon.

Remeons_Quest_JGarrett_FC_WEBAt the mercy of a deadly disease and with time running out, Remeonites have resorted to full-scale abduction to gain those who they believe may prove beneficial in developing a cure for the epidemic that devastates their people and the security of their children’s future. Kidnapped and taken to Remeon, Jack and best friend Harry discover a ruthless society of telepathic inhabitants. Daily, the friends endure endless rounds of medical tests, lab rats in the name of scientific gain, while being subjected to bouts of debilitating mind control.

For the good of her people, Whisterly, the future council chair of Remeon, finds herself forced to conceive an heir before her disease-free status changes. Jack, resident detainee from Earth, is drawn into her dilemma and aids in her desperate search to find a way out of her predicament.

On their journey together, Jack and Whisterly delve into the forbidden world of magic and mysticism, shaking up the foundation on which the council was built. But the truths they uncover about themselves and the part witchcraft has played in Remeonite history shape their lives in ways they can’t begin to imagine, creating a bond that even space and time cannot destroy.

Where is Planet Remeon and how is it different from Earth?

Remeon is a technologically advanced planet located in a distant solar system, far from Earth. An ancient secret portal exists between Remeon and other star systems, allowing for quick travel to other worlds but is accessible only by powerful magic.

The traits the two planets have in common led Remonites to Earth in the search for a cure to PR 251, the disease devastating their people. A telepathic, yet harsh society by nature, Remeonites have a history of taking what they need to survive whether in terms of another’s thoughts by invasive telepathy or kidnapping of other races in pursuit of a lasting cure. Without a cure for the virus plaguing Remeon for generations, all of their people are doomed to death.

The similarities in the two solar systems and planetary conditions led their scientists to Earth, which offered the potential for a life-giving match. Even the human skeletal make-up is strikingly similar to their own, aiding in the testing and research processes.

The year 1930 was the first time Remeonites travelled to Earth, sweeping the planet for a sample of humans to begin their compatibility testing with their Remeon counterparts.

This interstellar planetary search conducted by Remeon’s scientists validated that the antibodies needed to fight the disease plaguing Remeonites could be found on Earth and used to develop a cure. Additional research confirmed that a disease afflicting humans, polio, also had these same antibodies found in PR 251.

As the people of Remeon lived with the long term effects of the disease, an increasing number of their young were conceived inside laboratories. Eventually, this process became the norm for procreation, and as a by-product, couples had children for reasons other than love, such as family status and political gain.

When more of their people fell ill, a combination of holographic and biotechnology was put in place to continue the work lost from those infirmed, waiting for a cure. These holographic bodies, created as exact replicas of the Remeonites whom they replaced, amounted to life-extending technology, and were programmed to perform the daily functions of their true selves who lay in stasis. waiting to be healed. These holograms could perform all needed tasks and duplicated life to a degree nearing perfection.

But their now diseased and holographic existences lacked the life-filled traits they admired in humans, such as honesty, true love, sincerity and strength of character.

Protagonist Jack, working on the site to become Hoover Dam, is captured by the Remeon reaping of Earth. While detained on their planet, he meets Whisterly, next in line for council chair of their ruling body. Damond, much older than Whisterly, and her betrothed, will stop at nothing to wed Whisterly, ensuring his own future of council leadership. Jack aids Whisterly in her search for an escape from her impending arranged marriage, while Whisterly faces the extinction of her race if unable to conceive an heir immune to PR 251.

Together, Jack and Whisterly discover the magic within Remeon that binds them.

What’s next in the series? 

As the prequel in the Realms of Chaos series, Remeon’s Quest sets the stage for the events of Remeon’s Destiny. The saga will continue in book three, following main characters Jack, Arista and Thomas as they search for one another and then reconnect with the relationships and magic binding them to each other and Remeon.



Discover how the power of love can surpass the odds pitted against their family and can instead span the galaxies between them.

Advance Praise for Remeon’s Quest

“Garrett masterfully combines the genres of contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction into a captivating love story about life and death that’s literally out of this world. Pull up a chair, sit back, and be amazed.” — John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series

“I enjoy rooting for the underdog and in this story the most unlikely people become heroes and hope for the future. If you enjoy fantasy, science fiction and characters you wish to admire for their courage, wisdom and heart, this one is definitely for you.” —Bibiana K, NetGalley Reviewer

About the author:

JW_GarrettJ.W. Garrett has been writing in one form or another since she was a teenager. She currently writes from the sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida where she lives with her family, but loves the mountains of Virginia where she was born. Her writings include young adult fantasy as well as poetry and short stories. Since putting the final touches on Remeon’s Quest, she has been hard at work on the next book in her Realms of Chaos series. When she’s not hanging out with her characters, her favorite activities are reading, running and spending time with family.

To learn more about the Realms of Chaos series and other YA titles available from BHC Press, visit our website.

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