Bobby Roland Isn’t Your Typical Hero—Behind the Scenes of SERVANT With Suspense Author J.S. Bailey

I never wanted to write about a “typical” hero.

Bobby Roland, whose adventures truly begin in Servant, isn’t strong or handsome—he’s actually quite scrawny and out of shape. (They do say to write what you know.) You might say he’s the classic underdog, and it’s been a blast fleshing out his character over the course of five novels and a prequel short story.


Ever since his father’s unexpected death, Bobby has been plagued with premonitions of disaster whenever someone he knows is in danger, and he feels the responsibility to use this psychic ability to help others. Sometimes he warns people not to go do whatever might get them killed, and other times he takes matters completely into his own hands and attempts to personally rescue them from whatever foul fate awaits them.

Did I mention that Bobby is the type of unlucky guy who is constantly having to go save people? Poor guy can’t catch a break, which of course makes for a more interesting story!

In Servant, Bobby is twenty years old and already feels the weight of the world upon him. He’s been living in Oregon—far from his Ohio hometown—and has the overwhelming sense of not belonging anywhere. He has few acquaintances other than his quiet roommate, and when he unknowingly rescues a sort-of exorcist called the Servant from being killed, Bobby discovers a whole hidden world of evil spirits and tormented souls.


It turns out that a killer has been targeting the Servant, and Bobby has to decide whether or not he should use his abilities to keep helping him. After all, any involvement could very well put his own life in danger—yet Bobby can’t stand the thought of anyone being in trouble; a theme that remains prevalent throughout the series.

I hope you will enjoy this new hardcover edition of Servant, whether this is your first trip into Bobby’s world or if you are revisiting him like an old friend! Happy reading!


Bobby stumbles onto a new crisis in Solemnity, on sale October 3

Bobby learns that raising the dead is no difficult feat for those devoted to black magic—and necromancy!

About the Author:


J.S. Bailey enjoys writing eerie tales of the supernatural that keep readers on the edges of their seats. She has published six novels and twenty short stories, with more on the way. Bailey is fond of long walks in the woods, British television, and lots of burritos. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and cats.

To learn more about the Chronicles of Servitude series and other titles available from BHC Press, visit our website.


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