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To every pack a cub is born…
Unleash the hunter to protect and serve



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About the book:

Nestled deep within the forest lies a mysterious school dedicated to wiping out the werewolf population. But where exactly do werewolves come from? And why are children not bitten by a werewolf turning?

Mia is about to discover the answers to these questions and more. When fifteen-year-old Mia’s father is murdered, it’s her estranged uncle that comes to the rescue—but what he offers her in return for his help could be worse than the life she’s leaving behind. Taken to Hood Academy, a unique school deep in the forest, she discovers friendships, love, the courage to stand on her own…and werewolves.

Is Mia destined to become one of the pack or will she be the hunter chosen to destroy them? This unique twist on the origins of werewolves and werewolf hunters will grab readers by the throat as they are drawn alongside Mia into a dark and mysterious world as she quests to discover her true identify.


Title: Hood Academy

Release Date: October 10, 2019

Author: Shelley Wilson
Genre: YA / Horror / Supernatural
Publisher: BHC Press

Available Formats:
Hardcover, 978-1-64397-009-7, $25.95, 336 pages
Trade Softcover, 978-1-64397-035-6, $13.95, 336 pages
Ebook, 978-1-64397-046-2, $5.99

LCCN: 2019938916


Advance Praise for Hood Academy

“A gothic page-turner.” —Kirkus Reviews

“…gripping and gruesome…gritty, fast-paced, and addictive…” —The San Francisco Book Review

“…will grab readers by the throat—and the pace doesn’t let up until the very last page!    …a true delight!” —InDtale Magazine

“Wow! …by far the best Werewolf YA book I have ever read.” —LibraryThing Early Reviewer Program

About the author:

Shelley_WilsonShelley Wilson divides her writing time between motivational non-fiction for adults and the fantasy worlds of her young adult fiction.

Her non-fiction books combine motivation and self-help with a healthy dose of humour, and her YA novels combine myth, legend and fairy tales with a side order of demonic chaos.

Shelley’s multi-award-winning motivational personal development blog has received several awards and has been named a Top 10 UK Personal Development Blog.

Shelley is an obsessive list maker who loves pizza, vampires, mythology, and history. She resides in Solihull, West Midlands, UK, where she lives with her three teenagers.

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