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Author Interview: Magic and adventure unite in Evan D. Heuker’s new YA sci-fi/fantasy novel THE UNCOVERING

A group of teenagers with superhero powers must battle against a race of lizards ravaging the galaxy in book one of this new young adult science fiction/fantasy series.


About the book: When war is rekindled on planet Rhybannon, sixteen-year-old Ezmer is forced from his home. Now he and his group of newly acquired friends are on the run, caught up in an age-old war with the Daigatons.

When they find eight magical necklaces that once belonged to great warriors who protected the universe, they soon discover that the necklaces are more than they appear. Will this new team of heroes be able to use their newfound powers to end the war and save their universe?

How did you approach writing a fantasy world with a futuristic sci-fi world? I’ve always enjoyed the two genres. I was once at a summer writers’ camp and the instructor said that I couldn’t combine the two; instead of quitting I decided to prove him wrong. Dragons and elves and other mythical creatures in space sounded cool to me so that’s what I set out to do. The lore that I’ve worked on really helps to explain the mixture of the two but essentially some planets excelled in technology faster than others which is where the sci-fi comes in, and the other races that were slower and focused more on magic have more of the fantasy element.

Where does the story take place? The story takes place throughout the galaxy. There are mythological creatures in space. Traveling in spaceships, fighting with swords and magic, across multiple planets. Depending on the locale, the characters could be in a lush forest or a crowded city or a massive stronghold or on their spaceship. There is such a vast amount of locations that it helps the story expand and change with where the characters are.

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Who are the Daigatons? The Daigatons are giant lizard-like creatures of great strength, a war-driven race that enjoy battle and have set out to conquer and destroy all other life throughout the universe. They mysteriously appeared and took many planets by surprise. Their numbers constantly grow, and their skills increase with every planet they overtake.

What inspires you to write? Inspiration is everywhere. I love the works of Tolkien, the characters in Marvel comics, stories in video games, Secret of Mana and World of Warcraft being my favorites by far, the quirkiness and creativeness of anime, mostly Digimon. There have also been many D&D and other roleplaying games that have warranted some fun moments that give me great inspiration.

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Where did the inspiration come from for your main character Ezmer and for the series? Ezmer had always been based on me. If I could have any superpower it would be flight, so I gave him wings. There are some things I have placed in the book that relate to things that have happened to me in my life and since it is written in first person. The thoughts he has are many of which I believe I would have in similar situations.

If you had a choice between The Uncovering being turned into a video game or a film, which would you choose? Film! As much as I love video games, I’m uncertain of what type of game style fits my book. A film can follow the story and description so much more in my opinion. As I wrote the book, I did have certain actors in mind to play the parts of some of the characters. I also had bands and artists in mind for the soundtrack. I basically put the movie together in my mind as the book was being written. (But the book will always be better.)


Available Formats:
Hardcover, 978-1-64397-040-0, $25.95, 316 pages
Trade Softcover, 978-1-947727-73-1, $14.95, 316 pages
Ebook, 978-1-948540-05-6, $7.99

LCCN: 2018946944

For more information, including where to purchase, visit the publisher’s website.

What’s next in the series and for Ezmer? After their great battle, Ezmer and his friends wish to strike back at the Daigatons; to be on the offensive instead of the defensive. They devise a plan that involves them splitting up to gain assets from different sources. They discover more about who they are, not only as warriors of legend but as friends in general. It is their destiny to put an end to the Daigatons but being divided has its own problems.

With the Warriors tackling their own objectives it opens the story to more destinations and allows for more interactions with new characters. More magic, more innovations, greater powers and some mysteries.

Ezmer finds that being the leader of the group presents much more responsibilities than he suspected. With all that weight on his shoulders he finds it difficult to be the leader he was chosen to be, and if he can make the right decisions when the time comes.

About the author:


Evan D. Heuker was born and raised in a small town in Michigan where there are more cows than people. He favors science fiction and fantasy, and he credits The Hobbit as his biggest writing influence. A graduate of Oakland University, he holds a BFA in theater acting. When not writing, he enjoys RPG video games.



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