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Bobby Roland Isn’t Your Typical Exorcist: Behind the Scenes of SACRIFICE With Suspense Author J.S. Bailey

In Sacrifice: The Chronicles of Servitude Book 2, our unlikely hero, Bobby Roland, has a brand-new mission in life: he has become the Servant, meaning he has been chosen to exorcise demons from the possessed. Mere days have passed since he inherited this role from his injured predecessor, and Bobby is already in the midst of a new crisis.


Now in hardcover!

Available Formats:
Hardcover, 978-1-948540-98-8, $27.95
Trade Softcover, 978-1-946848-09-3, $15.95
Also available in ebook, $5.99

LCCN: 2017938460

For more information, including where to purchase, visit the publisher’s website.

Someone has been kidnapped off the sidewalk down the street from Bobby’s house, and Bobby sets out to go find them even though Bobby doesn’t even know their identity. (I’ve said before that Bobby can’t stand the thought of anyone being in trouble, even if they’re a stranger to him.)

Writing Sacrifice was fun because not only does Bobby have to face actual demons; he must face his own inner demons and overcome them in order to do what is right. He has little confidence now that he’s in charge of exorcising demons, and he feels like he isn’t worthy of the position. Not only that, but a sense of abandonment that fills him when he learns the true identity of the kidnapped victim makes him wonder if any of this is even worth it.

Bobby has a lot to learn now that he’s taken on such a huge responsibility, and one of his first challenges is trying to decide whether the supernatural entity who suddenly decides to help him is a friend or foe. Is Thane an angel, a demon, or something else? Read the new hardcover edition of Sacrifice to find out!

Read an excerpt of Sacrifice


Bobby stumbles onto a new crisis in Solemnity, on sale October 3


Bobby learns that raising the dead is no difficult feat for those devoted to black magic—and necromancy!

About the Author:


J.S. Bailey enjoys writing eerie tales of the supernatural that keep readers on the edges of their seats. She has published six novels and twenty short stories, with more on the way. Bailey is fond of long walks in the woods, British television, and lots of burritos. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and cats.

To learn more about the Chronicles of Servitude series and other titles available from BHC Press, visit our website.



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