Villains and Exorcisms—Thane returns in the page-turning thriller SURRENDER by J.S. Bailey

“Bailey has expertly woven a nuanced, compelling story of not merely good vs. evil, but of good people—good souls—finding the strength required to oppose evil that is petty, selfish and ultimately soulless.” —G. S. Jennsen, author of Starshine


While I was writing each book of The Chronicles of Servitude, I made the decision to have a different villain appear in each story—though certain villains do appear in more than one volume, I only made them prominent in one novel each. This differs from other series I’ve read, where the protagonist faces the same villain again and again. I opted to have Bobby Roland face different types of villains to show the differing aspects of evil. It gives him a different set of challenges each time, I hope!


Bobby has finally found a demoniac to cleanse. Before the exorcism is complete, he learns that someone is plotting the assassination of a local humanist leader.
When Bobby’s enemy, Thane, appears at a party with threats to kill everyone, Bobby realizes he can’t save them all on his own. But Bobby doesn’t give up easily. He flees town to find help and discovers it in the most unexpected of places.
Can Bobby and his new friend save everyone before it’s too late?

In Servant, Bobby encountered a villain whose morbid curiosity warped him over time until he was unrecognizable from the man he’d once been. In Sacrifice, Bobby faced off against a villain who was purely hateful and selfish. More than a few readers have probably wanted to slap that guy.

In Surrender, readers get to learn much more about Thane, who was introduced as a side character in Sacrifice. Thane has been one of my favorite villains to write about so far because—despite possessing a supernatural ability that rivals Bobby’s own gifts—Thane feels one of the most human.

Thane started life as a perfectly ordinary person and ended up suffering greatly. In a desperate attempt to end his suffering, he created a deal with a demon and must commit a certain atrocity in exchange for a healed body. His character shows what desperation can do to a person, and to which lengths a person may go to end their own pain.

Want to find out more? Dive into the new hardcover edition of Surrender!

Available Formats:

Hardcover, 978-1-64397-000-4 , $27.95, 376 pages
Trade Softcover, 978-1-946848-59-8, $15.95, 376 pages
Also available in ebook, $5.99
LCCN: 2017945446
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Read an excerpt of Surrender by J.S. Bailey

Bobby stumbles onto a new crisis in Solemnity, on sale October 3, 2019


Bobby learns that raising the dead is no difficult feat for those devoted to black magic—and necromancy!

About the Author:

Jennifer_BaileyJ.S. Bailey enjoys writing eerie tales of the supernatural that keep readers on the edges of their seats. She has published six novels and twenty short stories, with more on the way. Bailey is fond of long walks in the woods, British television, and lots of burritos. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and cats.

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