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Book Release Spotlight: Necromancy, the Undead, and an Unusual Music Box—Bobby Roland Returns in the New Supernatural Suspense Thriller SOLEMNITY by J.S. Bailey

Suspense author J.S. Bailey shares what’s in store for readers in her latest release, Solemnity.

~ ~ ~

Bobby Roland is at his prime in Solemnity. He has now been the Servant for nearly three years, and he has developed the confidence needed to carry out his work exorcising demons from the possessed. Not much scares him anymore, and he’s begun to move on from some of the things that hurt him deeply when he was younger.

There are many characters who wander in and out of Bobby’s adventures, and the fun thing about writing a series is that I can bring back any of them if I’ve missed writing about them for a while. In Solemnity, Bobby teams up with Joanna Halsey, a woman he briefly met in Servant, as they try to figure out why violent criminals have been rising from the dead throughout Oregon.

Readers get to learn much more about Joanna’s own dark past, which was touched upon in Servant but not gone into in any great depth. Despite her past tragedies, Joanna maintains a sunny disposition and a sense for adventure, which helps offset the gloom-and-doom moods Bobby sometimes finds himself in.

Other things readers may encounter while reading Solemnity include an angry person with mind control powers, a somewhat disturbing music box, and numerous undead persons.

I hope you all enjoy it.


About the series:
Bobby Roland, a socially awkward psychic who foresees disasters, spends his days fighting evil and driving out demons from the possessed in Oregon and beyond while battling inner demons of his own.

On sale now at your favorite booksellers, including Target, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Amazon, and more! Visit our website for more information, or to purchase direct from BHC Press or other retailers.

Available In:
Hardcover: 978-1-64397-001-1, $27.95
Trade Softcover: 978-1-948540-63-6, $15.95 
Ebook: 978-1-948540-64-3, $7.99
LCCN: 2018964163

Retailers and librarians: Booksellers and libraries can purchase print copies though Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Bertrams. Ebook editions for libraries can be purchased through Overdrive and Baker & Taylor. BHC Press is pleased to also offer attractive pricing discounts to small and independent booksellers. Visit our website to order direct or to inquire about available pricing incentives and retail/library partnership programs.

About the book:

In Solemnity, Bobby Roland has stumbled onto a new crisis.

Violent criminals are rising from the dead throughout Oregon—not just in Portland, but in Bobby’s adopted hometown of Autumn Ridge. He teams up with Joanna Halsey, an old acquaintance who knows a few things about the occult, to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together they surmise that these criminals have been brought back to life to complete some terrible task.

Their search for answers takes them to an occultist’s doorstep, where Bobby learns that raising the dead is no difficult feat for those devoted to black magic.

But who would resort to necromancy, and why? Bobby and Joanna must stop them before the dead kill again.

Read the first three chapters of Solemnity:

Advance Praise for Solemnity

“…a fast-paced thriller all the way to the final period of the final sentence…” — G.S. Jennsen, author of Starshine

“Oh, what fun! But I can’t stop there: Solemnity is witty and smart, imaginative and action-packed, suspenseful and superbly well crafted. It has likable characters, chilling villains, and enough twists to set your head spinning. Fun, yes, but so much more. Strap in and enjoy the ride!”  — Robert Liparulo, bestselling author of Comes a Horsema

“…very unique storyline…”  — Kade Gulluscio, NetGalley & Goodreads Reviewer

“…action packed, [a] fast read, and entertaining. Highly recommended!” —Annarellix Book Blog

Other books in the Chronicles of Servitude series include:

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Jennifer_BaileyJ.S. Bailey enjoys writing eerie tales of the supernatural that keep readers on the edges of their seats. She has published six novels and twenty short stories, with more on the way. Bailey is fond of long walks in the woods, British television, and lots of burritos. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and cats.

To learn more about the Chronicles of Servitude series and other titles available from BHC Press, visit our website.



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