New ARC: A Strange World of Darkness and Demons Awaits in LIGHT OF DARKNESS by Lonnie Davidson

Readers and fans of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and the TV series Supernatural and Shadowhunters will enjoy reading Light of Darkness by debut author Lonnie Davidson, the first offering in his new young adult series Shadow’s Legacy.


Release Date: 10/17/2019
Genre: YA Supernatural Series
Publisher: BHC Press
Hardcover: 978-1-64397-016-5, $24.95, 308 pages
Softcover:  978-1-947727-85-4, $14.95, 308 pages
Ebook:        978-1-948540-37-7, $7.99
LCCN: 2018948485

About the book: Kyle Ross has been having the same dream every night for a month. A dream of war between the light and the underworld. A dream of blood. A dream of death.

Last night, the dream came to an end. Finally, his mind can be at ease and he can focus on what’s important in his life: school, girls and his upcoming birthday. But when the dreams return, even more ominous and vivid than before, he is suddenly cast into a hidden world of darkness.

Now things are going crazy. A demonic messenger of war has appeared in the city, stirring up trouble. Kyle’s family secrets are being shoved in his face. And he, like the world around him, may be even more than what he seems.

Will Kyle be torn apart by the rising darkness, or will he manage to find himself and save everyone he loves from the impending storm?


Request your ARC copy of Light of Darkness by Lonnie Davidson at NetGalley or at the BHC Press website. ARC available through 10/15/19.

About the author: 

Lonnie_DavidsonLonnie Davidson was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Growing up, he spent his summers at his father’s home, in Pennsylvania, where his imagination and writing skills were cultivated. Often, he and his father would watch old cartoons, and movies both foreign and domestic. They would read comic books, as well as play board and video games. This variety of animation and role playing developed Lonnie’s appreciation for the artistic imagery as well as the stories and moral lessons they taught.

During the school year, his mother would push him to reach higher levels of academia. When he wasn’t doing school work, Lonnie was filling the pages of notebooks with fantastical stories. Over time, with his mother’s motivation and his father’s inspiration Lonnie graduated top of his high school class and went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University (OU? Oh yeah). Although his degree is not in literature, he never lost the passion for storytelling or the love for creating a world outside of the one we know.

Even as a man, Lonnie has never lost that child-like love for story telling or letting his imagination run wild on paper. Through his works, Lonnie hopes to paint a vivid picture with words of the worlds that occupy his imagination.


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