New ARC: DARK FLOWERS by Caytlyn Brooke—an incredible world of dark beauty and evil fairies lurks in the Louisiana swamps

For readers and fans of horror, supernatural, and books about dark fairies

Dark Flowers is a young adult novel that has received four industry awards including two Literary Classics award (YA Paranormal Horror & Standard of Excellence)

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About the book:

Life at St. Agatha’s School for Girls is anything but a fairy tale. With ratty blankets and a torturous device called the box, it’s not hard to understand Eliza’s desperation to escape. When the timing is right, Eliza plans to run away with her best friend Millie.

But the Louisiana swamps may be even more dangerous than the orphanage. This incredible world of beauty is home to a dark secret…and no one will be safe from the evil that lurks within.

Praise for the multi-award-winning Dark Flowers

” …a work of paranormal fiction so utterly haunting and undeniably eerie it’s sure to tingle your spine. Horror fans and paranormal aficionados will relish this dark tale as they encounter the evil horrors that await Eliza and Millie in the land of the silver and black fairies. A well-written and skillfully layered plot with exquisite depth and dimension, this book will have readers on the edge of their seats as they encounter this deliciously dark fantasy novel. Recommended for home and school libraries, DARK FLOWERS, by Caytlyn Brooke, earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.” — Literary Classics

“…a haunting story that the reader will not soon forget. Vivid descriptions allow the reader to see the swamp in both of its incarnations—as everyone sees it, and the sparkling silver wonderland that is the domain of the fairies.” — InD’Tale Magazine

“…a spine-chilling horror story where its twist-filled plot will ensure that fans of the genre find it very difficult to put the book down…All the characters are also very well drawn, particularly the young protagonists…With its clear-cut and flawless narrative, Dark Flowers is a highly immersive read, offering readers a story that highlights the best combination of psychological, physical and sensory fear. It is one of the dark stories that made me uncomfortable to read it at night.” — Readers’ Favorite

“If you are a fan of YA or a fan of dark fantasy, then this book is for you. It has everything that makes up a great story. Strong characters and a smooth well thought out storyline” — House of 1000 Books


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About the Author

Caytlyn_BrookeCaytlyn Brooke lives in Elmira, NY with her husband Daniel, her two children, and her orange tabby cat, Ana who is only slightly overweight. She can quote any Disney movie and believes that everyone should wear polka dots.




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