New ARCs Available From BHC Press

Looking for your next great read? Check out these available ARCs from BHC Press to read and review!

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Seventeen-year-old Rowan Slone eases the pain of her baby brother’s death by cutting. She dreams of escaping her dysfunctional family and going to college. When her long-time crush invites her to Prom, life suddenly begins to look better. Can Rowan find the strength to move toward a brighter future?


CIA agent, Gabriel Jets has one mission: retrieve a video depicting the kidnapping of four U.S. journalists. Instead, he finds Amelia Sinclair, a journalist who is wanted in connection with the kidnappings and a bombing in Syria. Except Jets doesn’t believe she is responsible. He goes dark, abandoning his mission to clear Amelia’s name.


Ordinary Souls is an anthology about ordinary people. This new collection from J. S. Bailey features an archaeologist in the future who meets a resurrected woman from long ago, a spaceship crew stranded on a distant world, a wealthy divorcee whose love of antiques turns her life into a living nightmare, and much more.


A young professor who has spent the past three years recovering from the sudden loss of her twin brother inherits her grandmother’s family home and discovers that the hall of keys on the third floor may have the power to alter her life forever.


In a coastal town north of Boston, a serial killer selects its victims using a unique code of ethics… A trail of evidence rocks law enforcement as it appears the murders have continued for eighty years. Now it’s up to Detective Stanley Devonshire to identify the illusive killer without becoming the hunter’s next victim.

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