Recommended Reads

Staff Picks|Recommended Reads by Rebecca Fischer

When it comes to “what to read next?” our staff has it covered! BHC Press staff members are bringing their favorite reads to you.

Rebecca Fischer is an Editor and Graphic Design Staff Member.

Check out her recommended reads:

Letters to Gabriella

Patricia Paris

Honestly, I love anything written by Patricia Paris. Her fun, romantic, and uplifting stories never fail to make me smile on a bad day. I especially love the Bonavera sisters, LUCIA and CATERINA. But LETTERS TO GABRIELLA really struck a chord with me. I laughed, I cried a little, and then I laughed some more. I loved that it wasn’t just a steamy romance between Gab and Justin (although there are definitely some steamy parts, too). It was story of a woman looking for a forever family and home and found it in Glebe Point. It’s charming, sweet, and sexy all at once…which is pretty much all of Patricia’s books, but I have no qualm with that whatsoever.

Blood of the Fae

Tom Mohan

I don’t always read fantasy. I do on occasion, but it’s not always the first genre I turn to. BLOOD OF THE FAE is an exception. It’s one of the first books I read when I started with BHC Press and it’s a story that stays with me still. Maybe I’m just drawn to characters looking for a home and family, because I connected with Liza for the same reason. It’s also full of action and the pacing is so good, you’ll forget it’s over 300 pages.

The Path Keeper

N.J. Simmonds

I’m sure I’m not the only staff member who loves this book, but there’s a reason why so many of us like it. THE PATH KEEPER is fun, sexy, yet still has characters with incredible depth and humanity. I, personally, loved Ella. I loved how imperfect she was. She wasn’t what I would consider a typical fantasy female lead. She cusses, she has a temper, tough, but she’s honest and loves deeply. I laughed, I cried. I couldn’t put it down. And I’d read it over and over again if I didn’t already have so many books in my TBR pile. It’s definitely due for a reread. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the Indigo Chronicles!

Backpacking My Style

Cristina Crau

I love traveling; I wish I could travel more. But since I can’t, I turn to TV shows like House Hunters International and Rick Steve’s Europe, and this book. It’s a quick read, but Grau has so many helpful hints and tips on traveling abroad on a budget, that it’s well worth adding to your traveling books library. She travels the entire world in a year…for MUCH less than you’d think. And the photos! Whenever I get bit by the wanderlust bug again, I pick up BACKPACKING MY STYLE and start planning that dream trip.


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