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Beach Reads|Barnes & Noble Ebook Sale

Summertime is finally here! Whether you’re enjoying a slow day at home or heading to the beach, there’s always time to pick up a great new read.

Check out these ebooks on-sale exclusively at Barnes & Noble from June 23 to July 6. All titles also available in print. Looking for more good books to read? Visit our website.

Along Came a Soldier

Ebook $3.99 | $7.99

Along Came a Soldier

Brenda Davies

This debut novel is a great historical read full of romance and suspense. A forbidden romance, village of secrets, and innocent man accused intertwine to weave a riveting story set in 1820 Cornwall. Brenda Davies blends murder and romance with a rich historical background to deliver a captivating tale that will transport you through time.

Set in the village of St. Merryn, Charity Perrow lives a sheltered life and finds herself torn between love and loyalty to her family when she falls for Jethro Ennor, who is from a rival family. Meanwhile, a battle-scarred redcoat lurks in the woods, struggling with his sanity and seeking revenge. When a villager is murdered, the suspicion falls on Jethro. Now Charity must risk everything, including being disowned by her family, to prove his innocence and save him from the gallows. But as Charity hunts for the truth, she begins to uncover secrets over a decade old—secrets that will change everything.

“…fascinating…for those who love historical suspense with a strong element of romance, it will be a worthwhile read.”

— San Francisco Book Review

Run Rachael Run

Ebook $2.99 | $5.99

Run Rachael Run

Patricia Paris

From bestselling author Patricia Paris comes a gripping story that will sweep you off your feet. A stalker, murder, and secrets from the past create the perfect amount of intrigue to keep you guessing. With two leading characters that crackle with chemistry and the right mix of humor, this award-winning novel is definitely one to delve into.

Rachael Gooding is a woman who values her independence and excels at keeping men at a distance in order to avoid the pain and complications of a serious relationship. When a dangerous, unknown stalker begins to threaten her, she’s forced to turn to Detective Eugene Simms, a man she’s wildly attracted to—one she fears could break her carefully guarded heart if she gave him the chance. When a man from her past is murdered, Rachael must decide whether to tell Simms about her past and risk exposing everything she’s spent the last ten years guarding so carefully. But telling all she knows may mean giving up something she’s always wanted but never thought she could have.

This is not my first Patricia Paris book, and it surely won’t be my last! I love how Paris wove the mystery through the plot, I’d start to think I knew who the stalker was, then she’d throw a twist that would have me second and third guessing myself. A fast read and fab read! Can’t wait for the next.

— Shannon Mayer, USA Today Bestselling author


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