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An Interstellar Ragtag Family’s Space Adventure Begins in THE ANDROMEDA’S GHOST by Becca Fox

Author Becca Fox discusses the characters and inspiration behind her new release, The Andromeda’s Ghost

“I am always picking up random sci-fi novels hoping they will be great, and I am almost always disappointed. Not this time, though! I loved it. Interesting characters, just enough world building and descriptions that it didn’t bog down, and more action than I expected. I would recommend this book!”

— Erika, LibraryThing Reviewer

About The Andromeda’s Ghost: Fifty years after humanity desperately sought and found a new home on Jurthaan IV, tension with neighboring planet Palnach necessitates a peace treaty as well as the arranged marriage of Princess Kylee Wen Dao to Palnach’s Prince Maju.

Taren Platinum is the best—now banished—guard on Princess Kylee’s security team. He’s also in love with her. After crashing the royal wedding, rescuing the princess, and fleeing Jurthaan IV in a stolen spacecraft, Taren finds himself on the run with Kylee, pursued by soldiers from both Jurthaan IV and Palnach.

The lovers crash-land on Cartiss, leaving them stranded on a dying planet with targets on their backs. To escape, Taren must repair the ship with the help of a select few trustworthy citizens from the downtrodden city of Hurren. Without an official governing authority, the local gangsters are running Hurren and refusing to spread the wealth.

While Taren’s priority is getting off Cartiss and disappearing somewhere safe, Kylee believes he has what it takes to turn things around in Hurren. Drawing attention to himself is the last thing he wants to do, but his princess is right. If there’s one thing Taren can’t overlook, it’s those who threaten the lives of innocents, even when his own life is on the line.

  1. What was your inspiration for writing The Andromeda’s Ghost?

It was initially a short story that I submitted to Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. I wanted to write a post-apocalyptic type story with a sci-fi twist. My sister encouraged me to write a novel and it ended up being a trilogy!

  1. Who was your favorite character to write and why?

Jael is definitely my favorite character. She’s kind of like Catwoman: fierce, flirty, and complicated, but secretly good. She was interesting to me and she’s very different than any other character I’ve ever written. Her scenes with Taren were especially fun to write because they’re so different from each other.

  1. The ragtag family that Taren forms is unique and also reminds us of why we love the TV show Firefly so much! What was your inspiration in writing this?

In situations where one’s survival is at stake, it would be easy to become self-absorbed. Questions like: What do I need? How can I get what I need? How can I protect myself? How can I provide for myself? become more important than other people’s well-being. It’s what makes it easy for bad guys in post-apocalyptic books and movies to justify the horrible things they do to others. Taren had the same potential for callousness as any of those villains. His militaristic training and moral compass would’ve prevented him from becoming out-right cruel, but he definitely could’ve gone about the story without giving anyone else a single thought. Some could argue that he would’ve been justified in doing so, given everything he deals with. But that’s where Kylee comes in.

Kylee is compassionate and nurturing. Other than her expertise in space mechanics, her compulsion to help people is her contribution to Taren’s survival. She keeps him soft and kind in a harsh, dangerous world. With her prompting, Taren is able to see beyond his own circumstances, do good for others, and grow as a person.

“Wow. Where do I start… The world building in my opinion is exceptional and details were well researched. I love the characters. I love the heart warming moments that appear at just the right time.”

— Lavender Knight, Goodreads Reviewer

I included children because they’re the ones who suffer the most in any lawless or broken civilization. I also felt they would be the ones Kylee would be most aware of, given her strong desire to be a mother. I wanted each child to be different and present Taren with unique challenges.

Personally, I’ve always loved seeing unusual families in books, movies, and TV. I love how each character brings something to the table and helps the other characters grow as people. Or not. It’s a fascinating and often times hilarious study, watching how different people affect each other in different ways. For Taren, his new family provides a sense of purpose, hope, and contentment.

I believe true contentment comes from an attitude of thankfulness, being able to find happiness in the little, everyday things and also from creating a support community of trust and love, which is a major theme in Taren’s journey.

  1. Many of the alien species we read about have animalistic features. Why is that?

The aliens were tricky for me to describe and I wanted readers to be able to imagine them easily. I felt animals would be an easy connection.


  1. You’ve written other books with elements of fantasy and romance. What do you enjoy writing the most?

Fantasy is by far my favorite genre to write because of the creative liberties I can take, which is why I indulged in the fantastical elements of The Andromeda’s Ghost more than the sci-fi jargon. Transitioning away from writing young adult to adult has been surprisingly easy. The older I get, the more I want to read about characters in my own age group. There’s definitely a need for more stories about 20-30 year olds and I enjoy writing them.

  1. Could you see yourself living in the world you created?

Living on a planet like Jurthaan IV with aliens and advanced technology? Maybe. Living on a dying and impoverished planet like Cartiss? Not so much. I’d get eaten alive.

  1. What’s next in the series? No spoilers.

The Andromeda’s Ghost is told solely from Taren’s point of view and is set primarily on Cartiss. In The Andromeda’s Captain, we get to hear from secondary characters in new settings. There’s not as much action but just as much intrigue and heart. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

About the Author:

Becca lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, her baby boy, an ancient orange tabby cat, and a Mini Australian Shepherd who thinks she’s a forever puppy. Becca enjoys reading and writing, but also binge-watching shows on Netflix and baking treats she shouldn’t be eating.

Check out her website for more information on her and her other books!

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