Ebook Sale|August 2020

Beat the summer heat with our August ebook Sale titles!

All titles also available in print. Support independent bookstores and purchase through our online store at Bookshop.org.

Science Fiction

A Mound Over Hell

Gary Morgenstein

The world of science fiction and baseball collide in the year 2098. Baseball is now a game run by holograms and known for Terrorism. With the final baseball season approaching, historian Puppy Nedick discovers some players from the game’s past who want to bring the game back to glory…But will they save America or destroy it in the process?

“[a] must-have for every baseball fan…”

— Parade Magazine

Ebook: $1.99|$7.99


The Quest of the Prodigy

Claire Smith

When Mimi discovers an unusual crimson tome in the library, her life becomes an exciting, dangerous adventure. Mimi finds out she is an alchemy prodigy and is the chosen one to save the world from and evil force bent on destruction. Along with her brother and a quirky time-traveling thief, Mimi must defeat the threat before it’s too late.

“…a super fun read…”

— Evie, Goodreads Reviewer

Ebook: $1.99|$5.99


An Unfortunate Journey

Sara Daniell

Orion, a girl with an insatiable appetite for adventure escapes her world to discover the forbidden world of Earth. Unable to return to her own world she finds danger in every corner and secrets in every shadow in her new home. Fighting for survival in her new found hell, can she find the truth of the world she left behind before it’s too late?

“…Ms. Daniell drives us through curves and unexpected hazards with a tale which ultimately arrives screeching into its exciting destination.”

— InD’Tale Magazine

Ebook: $1.99|$5.99


Remeon’s Quest: Earth Year 1930

J.W. Garrett

Captured from Earth to aid planet Remeon’s dying society, Jack is plagued by deception and mind control from those on the planet who seek to end life choices of their citizens. Sides are chosen as magical powers thought to be long dead align to intervene in the fate of the two young lovers setting events in motion that cannot be undone.

“Garrett masterfully combines the genres of contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction into a captivating love story about life and death that’s literally out of this world.”

— John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99


Epic Fantasy


Emmie Mears

Born into the lush and fertile Hearthland, Carin has never known hunger. When she and her three friends leave on a journey to find their true names, they uncover a shocking truth about their homeland and launches Carin on a dangerous quest that leaves her with a choice that will either destroy the earth or risk her own life.

“Mears has crafted a highly detailed world…will leave readers eager for Carin’s further adventures.”

— Publishers Weekly

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99

Paranormal Romance

Destiny Fulfilled

Laire McKinney

When therapist Wren O’Hara is attacked by a psychotic client at work, she is saved by a man she thinks is her guardian angel. Little does she know, her savior is an immortal named Riagan Tenman. As the heat between them rises, Wren must decide if the fantasy unfolding before her is true, or if she has finally lost her mind.

“McKinney’s vivid imagination does a lovely job of providing some unexpected twists and turns in her plot, which keeps the story arc fresh and exciting…a refreshing and original romantic love story. “Destiny Fulfilled” is a fun and fulfilling read.”

— InD’Tale Magazine

Ebook: $1.99|$7.99

Historical Fiction

Kennig & Gold

Christopher M. Struck

Daniel Kennig only has one ambition: to be the greatest singer to have ever lived. While headlining at a mid-tier nightclub in Manhattan he meets Cynthia Gold. Smitten with the golden-haired heiress, the young couple begin a rendezvous at the possible expense of his career.

“…a beautifully told story…a remarkable work…that I highly recommend.”

— Briannes Book Reviews

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99

Short Fiction Collection

The Window is a Mirror

Michael Andreoni

In gritty, penetrating prose, the short stories in THE WINDOW IS A MIRROR deftly mine both working-class and privileged sensibility to extract common elements. Characters of varying social strata are subjected to merciless scrutiny as they pursue prizes of dubious value, heedless of cost. Whether or not they get what they want is the least of their problems. In the end their disparate futilities mix them into a single tribe that looks like us.

“With humor, grace, and lightning-quick prose, Andreoni tells the stories of loan-sharks, angel-headed bakers, and panther-riding gunslingers. A dark and beautiful collection of 21st century ballads.”

— Alexander Weinstein, Award-winning author of Children of the New World

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99


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