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Staff Picks|Recommended Reads by Chelsea Cambeis

When it comes to “what to read next?” our staff has it covered! BHC Press staff members are bringing their favorite reads to you.

Chelsea Cambeis is the Lead Editor as well as a member of the Acquisitions team at BHC Press.

Chelsea lives in north central West Virginia, where she received her BA in English with a minor in Technical Writing from Fairmont State University, and doesn’t go a day without drinking tea, reading, or breaking a sweat. She’s passionate about the Oxford comma and spoiling her dog, Chan. Her happy places include: her grandparents’ house; anyplace with a view of the water; hours-long car rides with her partner, Brady; and laughing, anywhere, anytime, with her family. 

There’s nothing Chelsea finds more rewarding than assisting authors develop their very best work. She is always on the lookout for fresh fantasy, complex thrillers, and modern contemporary fiction with depth. She’s a sucker for morally gray characters she can’t help but love, new universes beyond her imagination, characters with baggage, and forbidden love. 

In the rare moments she’s not editing, Chelsea toils away on her own works-in-progress. Her work has been featured by The Write Launch, Scribble, and in Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove, an anthology.

Check out her recommended reads:

Going Dark

Jolene Grace

Calling all fans of political, terrorism thrillers and House of Cards. Going Dark gives us a bit of both. We follow CIA Agent Gabriel Jets, who goes dark and races to curtail a plot that will draw the US into an international scandal. Simultaneously, we’re privy to what’s going on in the White House. On top of that, Jolene Grace also provides a journalist’s perspective on the conspiracy at hand, inspired by her own experience studying journalism and broadcasting and interning for CBS Evening News, working on the foreign desk. Grace juggles multiple characters with ease, each one of them distinct and vital to the story. While Going Dark covers multiple points of view, Gabriel Jets stands out and easily earns the reader’s respect. A twisty political thriller. A CIA agent with a conscience who goes off script. An equally bittersweet and stirring finish that will leave you more than ready for the next installment. Going Dark gets a thumbs-up from me!

Along Came a Soldier

Brenda Davies

Historical fiction is not typically my first pick, which only adds weight to this recommendation. The inspiration drawn from Brenda Davies’s Cornish heritage and her childhood holidays spent in Cornwall is evident in this authentic portrayal of 1820 Cornwall, which is so well done, you’ll forget 1820 was actually two hundred years ago. Not only is the setting rich with history, but the characters are complex, each with their individual history, baggage, and burdens that extend far behind and beyond the time frame of Along Came a Soldier. Along Came a Soldier combines a family feud, forbidden love, hints of the paranormal, a deadly grudge, and a spree of murders, and connects them in a way that will leave you impressed, satisfied, and more than happy you picked up this book. I was surprised by this historical thriller in the very best way.

The Bastard is Dead

D’Arcy Kavanagh

I’ve never been to France, but after reading The Bastard is Dead, I feel like I have. D’Arcy Kavanagh and his wife spend six weeks in Europe each year cycling the areas featured in his novel, and it pays off in a big way. In addition to the rich sense of place, D’Arcy’s history as a journalist adds authenticity to our main character, Paul Burke, who is unassuming and a tad unconventional as far as murder mystery heroes go, which makes him all the more charming. If you’re a murder mystery fan, but you’re looking for a shake-up in the formula, a murder in the midst of the Tour de France—an annual multiple stage biking race primarily held in France—could be just the story you need to get your hands on next. The Bastard is Dead is a fun ride, full of culture, and a fresh take on the mystery genre that doesn’t disappoint. I highly recommend!

The Andromeda’s Ghost

Becca Fox

Taren Platinum is the perfect protagonist without being too perfect. He has a good heart, but there’s a layer of grit just underneath the surface that’s easily activated by those who stand in the way of his happily-ever-after and evil-doers who prey on the innocent. Becca Fox has crafted an endearing, incredibly real-feeling cast of characters, all of which are misfits in their own way. I was taken by the relationships formed throughout The Andromeda’s Ghost, from the natural progression of those relationships to the tenderness shared among the lovable and unlikely band of characters as they work together to escape a dire situation on planet Cartiss. In short, it’s impossible not to root for Taren and company while reading The Andromeda’s Ghost—a truly entertaining start to what’s sure to be a great series. Be prepared for an expert cliffhanger, and then join me in impatiently waiting for the next book in Fox’s series!

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