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Inside Scoop|J.W. Garret’s Characters and the World of Remeon

Award-winning author J.W. Garrett’s new novel, Remeon’s Crusade, is here! Below, she shares more about the main characters and world of Remeon in not just Crusade, but her Realms of Chaos series as a whole.

To discover her future, a young woman must first go back…
To unite a family bond, she must break it…
To find love again, she must let it go.

Arista’s family loves her, seeks to protect her, but her bonds of love are strained and tested upon the death of her mother, Whisterly. Leaving behind the council chair of Remeon, and a powerful generational legacy of witches ready to take Arista in, uncertainty hangs in the air.

As Arista explores her new role and the powers surrounding it, she discovers love—and all the dangers with it. As her father grieves and her family questions the past, Arista must face the truth with courage, staring fiercely into the heart of the unknown.

Full of political, mystical, and familial intrigue, Arista must choose whether to accept or forsake her inheritance, and consequentially the ones she loves.

The Realms of Chaos series begins with the prequel, Remeon’s Quest; although, either Remeon’s Quest or Remeon’s Destiny can be read first. In Quest we first meet Jack Livingston, young and headstrong and looking for work at the outset of the Depression. Fate puts Sam Scott in Jack’s path. Sam is a veteran of WWI and works in the coal mines of Utah. Sam takes Jack under his wing, becoming a mentor and father figure to him. And for a time Jack lives as Sam’s adopted son. While Jack gains the love he never felt from his own father and the two make plans to travel together, they never come to fruition.

When tragedy sends Jack on his way, he meets and befriends Harry. After a somewhat rough start, they become friends. The relationship is an important one and they stick together through interplanetary travel, torture, service in WWII, family struggles, business ventures, and the ups and downs of family life. Either one would give their life for the other in a heartbeat.

Once Jack and Harry are abducted and taken to Remeon, they are met with brutality as they are imprisoned and tested for their potential to aid in the cure of a disease that Remeonites have been fighting for generations. Whisterly, the next head of the council on Remeon, helps to make their stay bearable, and over time Jack and Whisterly fall in love.

“Garrett masterfully combines the genres of contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction into a captivating love story about life and death that’s literally out of this world. Pull up a chair, sit back, and be amazed.”

— John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series (review snippet on Remeon’s Quest)

Remeon’s Destiny opens in a small town in Virginia, in 1947. Thomas Stewart, bored with the drudgery of farm life wants to see the world and leave his responsibilities and family behind. He gets more than he bargained for when he and his sister Belle are swept away to Remeon for their potential to aid in the cure of the disease, PR 251, that Remeonites are still fighting. Two factions, The Day Watchers and Night Dwellers, have formed and are in a race for the cure.

Simon, the emerging leader of the Night Dwellers, imprisons Thomas and uses invasive telepathy to gain the information he needs in his battle for the cure. While Belle is taken by the Day Watchers and aids Whisterly and Arista, Whisterly’s daughter, all three come together to fight for Thomas’s release.

We meet Kix, a member of the ruling council on Remeon, first in Destiny. But he plays a bigger role in Crusade as his goals become more sinister. Arista finds herself leading a generation of witches as she is coming into her own and finding her way while she trains to be the leader and witch her people need.

Themes of love and loss, finding one’s inner strength and following one’s destiny run throughout the series. At its core, Remeon’s Crusade is about family—sticking together when all seems lost by believing in those ties that have been forged through love and hardship and ultimately trusting in the magic within Remeon that binds them.

Remeon is a technologically advanced planet located in a distant solar system, far from Earth. An ancient secret portal exists between Remeon and other star systems, allowing for quick travel to other worlds but is accessible only by powerful magic.

The traits the two planets have in common led Remeonites to Earth in the search for a cure to PR 251, the disease devastating their people. A telepathic, yet harsh society by nature, Remeonites have a history of taking what they need to survive whether in terms of another’s thoughts by invasive telepathy or abducting other races in pursuit of a lasting cure. Without a cure for the virus plaguing Remeon for generations, all of their people are doomed to death.

“…a marvelous coming-of-age tale that will appeal to readers of all ages. With an engaging plot, characters that are fleshed out in very real and tangible ways, and fascinating sci-fi elements, this book has much to offer a YA audience.”

— Children’s Literary Classics (review snippet on Remeon’s Destiny)

The similarities in the two solar systems and planetary conditions led their scientists to Earth, which offered the potential for a life-giving match. Even the human skeletal make-up is strikingly similar to their own, aiding in the testing and research processes.

In 1930, Remeonites traveled to Earth, sweeping the planet for a sample of humans for their compatibility testing with their Remeon counterparts. What they learned sent them back to the planet in 1947.

This interstellar planetary search conducted by Remeon’s scientists validated that the antibodies needed to fight the disease plaguing Remeonites could be found on Earth and used to develop a cure. Additional research confirmed that a disease afflicting humans, polio, also had these same antibodies found in PR 251.

As the people of Remeon lived with the long-term effects of the disease, an increasing number of their young were conceived inside laboratories. Eventually, this process became the norm for procreation, and as a by-product, couples had children for reasons other than love, such as family status and political gain.

“Garrett’s seamless blend of Science, Fantasy, and Historical fiction is mind-bending…and the series as a whole is nothing short of spectacular. “

— John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series (review snippet on Remeon’s Crusade)

As a result, their diseased and holographic existences lacked the life-filled traits they admired in humans, such as honesty, true love, sincerity and strength of character.

When more of their people fell ill, a combination of holographic and biotechnology was put in place to continue the work lost from those infirmed, waiting for a cure. These holographic bodies, created as exact replicas of the Remeonites whom they replaced, amounted to life-extending technology, and were programmed to perform the daily functions of their true selves who lay in stasis, waiting to be healed. These holograms could perform all needed tasks and duplicated life to a degree nearing perfection.

Crusade finds protagonist Jack returning to Remeon to reconnect with his children. With the cure for PR 251 being implemented among the Day Watchers, conditions appear to be improving on the planet. But under that thinly veiled surface, chaos is brewing. With the help of witchcraft, Jack searches for fragments of the love he’s lost, and what he finds challenges what he knows to be true about life and death and what the power of love can accomplish.

About the Author:

J.W. Garrett has been writing in one form or another since she was a teenager. She currently writes from the sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida where she lives with her family, but loves the mountains of Virginia where she was born. Her writings include young adult fantasy as well as poetry and short stories. Since putting the final touches on Remeon’s Quest, she has been hard at work on the next book in her Realms of Chaos series. When she’s not hanging out with her characters, her favorite activities are reading, running and spending time with family.

Learn more about J.W. Garrett, her books, and blog at her website.

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