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By Ryan Uytdewilligen

Read by Jonathan Brady

When Akela is separated from his migrant soulmate Kalea, he will do anything to be reunited with her. Journey with this charming and neurotic sea turtle as he crosses paths with celebrities, politicians, and other moments in history with unbreakable determination to be reunited with his love.

Categories: Fiction | Historical | Adventure

Run time: 8 hrs, 20 mins

Price: $19.95

Hood Academy

By Shelley Wilson

Read by Ashlynne Carey

When a young teen’s abusive father is murdered by a mysterious creature, she is taken to the mysterious Hood Academy by an estranged uncle and is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed…a world of werewolves. Though trained to be a hunter, Mia feels a pull to the world she has sworn to destroy. What will be her destiny?

Categories: YA| Horror| Supernatural

Run time: 9 hrs, 25 mins

Price: $19.95

The Immortal Prudence Blackwood

By Stephanie Grey

Read by Debbie Soelter

In 1947 a brutal killer emerges leaving the police with no leads. When the mysterious Prudence Blackwood appears to help hunt for the murderer, they learn a tale of vengeance and immortality that could stop the monster before they strike again.

Categories: Fiction | Historical | Suspense

Run time: 6 hrs, 38 mins

Price: $19.95

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