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Supernatural Abilities and Black Magic | J.S. Bailey on Her Thrilling Series Finale SALVATION

Author J.S. Bailey’s series, The Chronicles of Servitude, comes to a close in the thrilling finale Salvation. Below, she shares more on the supernatural abilities her characters’ possess, the black magic featured in her novel, her fascination with the supernatural, and more.

“…readers who like suspense with some paranormal elements should definitely check out this series!”

— Laurie Lucking, author of the Tales of the Mystics series (review on Servant)

About Salvation: Bobby Roland’s adventures are drawing to an end.

Things are not going well for Bobby Roland, a socially awkward psychic who foresees disasters and spends his days fighting evil.

Desperate and in pain after an encounter with a cursed object, Bobby’s hunt for a new Servant is interrupted by Jane, a mysterious black magic practitioner determined to live forever. When a spirit of a murdered child named Layla reaches out to Bobby for help, he’s suddenly got his hands full.

Bobby knows he can’t let Jane succeed in her quest for immortality, regardless of her threats. Banding together with his friends, they’re determined to take Jane down, and discover shocking secrets in the process.

  1. Describe Bobby in three words.

Awkward. Determined. Heroic.

  1. Many of your characters, like Bobby, Mia, and Ashley, have special abilities. What inspires those choices?

When I write, I don’t use a strict outline, so I don’t always plan things out ahead of time—things just fall into place along the way. I created Mia’s character in Surrender (Book 3) when I needed Thane, the villain of that novel, to have a nagging thorn in his flesh, so to speak. What better way to give Thane hell than to bring in a character more powerful than he is? Thane can control people’s perceptions by making them see and hear things that aren’t really there, and Mia can control minds, and it was fun having them spar with each other.

Giving Ashley healing powers was a logical choice since that’s the ability that her dad had. And of course Bobby had to have psychic premonitions because otherwise this series would have had a very different plot! I guess each character’s abilities came about from what the plot needed to work.

  1. Whose ability would you most like to have and why?

I have no desire to know the future, so I definitely wouldn’t want Bobby’s ability. Having Ashley’s healing powers would be perfect because who wouldn’t want to heal sick and injured people with nothing more than a touch?

“…a fast-paced thriller all the way to the final period of the final sentence…” 

— G.S. Jennsen, author of Starshine (review on Solemnity)
  1. Who was your favorite character to write and why?

I enjoyed writing just about every character in this series, but Bobby comes out at number one. In the beginning, he’s impulsive and skittish with this burning desire to be the hero, and he isn’t sure of the direction he’s going. Throughout the series he gains confidence and focus. Dare I say he becomes a badass?

  1. Black magic and the occult feature prominently in the book. What kind of research did you do?

I didn’t want to mirror any actual occult belief systems in this series, so I made up the black magic rituals in this book. I did base the exorcisms performed in this series on what I read in Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin.

  1. Bobby and his friends have many supernatural encounters—ghosts and mind control to name a few. What is it about the supernatural that fascinates you?

I’ve had a fascination for ghost stories since I was in grade school, when I devoured the Haunted Ohio series by Chris Woodyard. I suppose I’m drawn toward the supernatural because there is so much unknown about it. Very odd things that defy natural explanations have happened to people I know. It really makes you think!

  1. What do you like most about writing supernatural suspense?

It’s fun! I love joining up real-world settings with spooky things because it makes the world seem spookier. 😊

  1. Many readers have compared your series to episodes of the TV show Supernatural. Has this series inspired you?

I began an early draft of Servant before I ever got into watching Supernatural, so the basis for the series doesn’t originate there. Supernatural involves bigger stakes than The Chronicles of Servitude (Sam and Dean face off with Lucifer himself and have to stave off the Apocalypse, for example). I enjoyed watching Supernatural, but I wouldn’t say it inspired anything in my series.

I was a bit miffed to find out that Sam and Dean’s angel buddy is named Castiel, while Bobby’s angel guardian in my series is named Caleb. Their names start with the same two letters, which is a complete coincidence because I created Caleb before I knew who Castiel was.

  1. Readers just discovering your series are in for a supernatural treat. What encounters will they run into in each book of the series? (i.e., ghosts, cursed objects, etc.)

Readers will come across demons, one angel, people with various supernatural abilities, cursed objects, and so much more!

  1. What is your personal favorite book in the series, and why?

Do I have to pick just one? I suppose Salvation is my favorite because I was able to finish the characters’ arcs and tie everything up in a nice bow.

  1. What is the significance of the title of Salvation? (no spoilers).

A certain character finds salvation. I can’t say anything more, or it will be a spoiler!

  1. Does music inspire your writing? What songs or playlists do you attribute to this series?

I need absolute silence while I write or I cannot think.

  1. Writing the final book in a series is always bittersweet. Now that the series is concluded, what’s next for J.S. Bailey?

The next thing you’ll see from me is the rewritten version of my debut novel, followed by a collection of all-new short stories.

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About the Author:

J.S. Bailey enjoys writing eerie tales of the supernatural that keep readers on the edge of their seat. She is the author of The Chronicles of Servitude series (SolitudeServantSacrificeSurrenderSolemnitySalvation) featuring Bobby Roland, a socially awkward psychic who foresees disasters and spends his days fighting evil, as well as Rage’s Echo and Ordinary Souls.

Her short stories appear in many collections, including The Whispered Tales of Graves GroveIn Creeps the NightTales by the Tree, and A Winter’s Romance.

Bailey is fond of long walks in the woods, British television, and lots of burritos. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and cats.

Visit J.S. Bailey’s website for more information about her books, blogs, events, and the author herself!

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