Ebook Sale | October 2020

Find a hauntingly good book with our October ebook sale titles!

All titles also available in print. Support independent bookstores and purchase through our online store at Bookshop.org.

Pirates (Nastragull, Book 1)

Erik Martin Willén

Science Fiction

When the crew of the interstellar transport, the Bright Star, are taken prisoner, Cadet Alec Horn and his captain escape. Together they set out on a dangerous adventure to rescue their friends and comrades. But can they succeed without bringing forth a war that will bring death and destruction across the universe?

Ebook: $1.99|$5.99


Under a Veil of Gods

R. Anthony Giamusso

Science Fiction

When Montague La-Rose, a farmer, is chosen to protect the royal family from an alien threat, he must face an incomparable enemy with nothing more than herbs, spices, and his sword. But his skills in translating sacred text allows him the ability to decipher the ancient enemy’s plan. But will it cost him his life in a war of monsters and men?

Ebook: $1.99|$6.99


The Good, The Bad, and The Undead (No Room in Hell, Book 1)

William Schlichter


In a very different type of zombie novel, author William Schlichter takes the reader to a world where zombies are taking over, while the world tries to be “business as usual.” While the apocalypse goes on around him, Detective Marcus Danziger is on a quest to find his daughter’s killer. More than zombies plague this new world.

Ebook: $1.99|$5.99


The Reformation of Marli Meade

Tracy Hewitt Meyer


Raised on an isolated Appalachian mountain, teen Marli yearns to break free from her father’s diabolical church but fears its clutches are so deep there is no escape. When she meets a local boy she realizes her life is worth fighting for. When sinister church secrets are exposed, Marli be tested beyond her imagination.

Ebook: $1.99|$5.99


The Path Keeper

N.J. Simmonds


Ella misses her old life in Spain and is struggling to get over her past-until she meets Zac. He’s always loved her but isn’t meant to be part of her story. Not this time. Little does she know that his secret is the one thing that will tear them apart and force her to live in a world that no longer makes sense. A world full of danger and magic.

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99


Blood of the Fae

Tom Mohan


When Liza McCarthy receives a call from a mystery woman claiming to be in danger she flees just in time to the small midwestern town of Halden’s Mill, where she is taken in by a couple who claims to guard the land of the faerie. Drawn into the world of the supernatural Liz must confront a force that could mean the end of everything. 

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99


The Whispering Tales of Graves Grove

A BHC Press Anthology

Multi-Author Collection/Short Stories/Horror

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove is an anthology of stories taking place throughout the history of a small, mysterious Canadian town. From its founding to its future this collection explores the deeply disturbed and strange inhabitants of this town, the reasons for all the missing children…and a sycamore tree that people run from in fear.

Ebook: $2.99|$5.99


Dead Sea Games

J. Whitworth Hazzard


Jeremy Walters is a survivor of the apocalypse and has been recruited to find the hidden cure that will eliminate the undead and bring back civilization. But in this new world, danger is at every turn and the only way to win…is to live.  

Ebook: $2.99|$7.99


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