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Staff Picks|Recommended Reads by Jamie Rich

When it comes to “what to read next?” our staff has it covered! BHC Press staff members are bringing their favorite reads to you.

Jamie Rich is an Editor and a member of the Acquisitions team at BHC Press.

A great believer in the power of words even from a young age, Jamie earned her B.A. in Professional Writing from the University of Idaho, where she worked as a writing tutor. She started at BHC Press in 2019 as an intern and now specializes in proofreading, editing, and manuscript assessment as Acquisitions/Editor at BHC Press. She has had the privilege of working on books across all genres, and considers it an honor to help authors accomplish their dreams. 

Jamie favors fantasy and science fiction, but will fall in love with any book that surprises her or makes her think about things she never has before. When she’s not polishing a BHC author’s newest masterpiece, you can usually find her thinking too much, writing stories and songs, watching way too many home renovation shows, and, of course, reading!

Check out her recommended reads:


Emmie Mears

I have loved fantasy since childhood, and have even possibly become somewhat of a snob when it comes to this genre. So I don’t say this easily: the world-building in this book surpasses Eragon and approaches The Lord of the Rings. Probably enough said for fantasy readers, but it still doesn’t do this book justice. Emmie Mears literally created an entire new world with multiple cultures, each with their own belief system, customs, language, and way of life. The world of HEARTHFIRE was built down to the smallest details, even down to when different trees bear fruit and how cultures measure time. And the characters feel like authentic natives of this world. This book is like if Horizon Zero Dawn had magic instead of machines. The main character is a magic-wielding archer outcast bent on righting ancient wrongs, and she feels totally real. The mystery she stumbles upon is way too good for me to spoil here, but I will just say that it weaves the nature of magic with the history of this land Mears created. I have very rarely encountered such a perfect combination of expert world-building, vivid characters, and a mind-blowing plot in a fantasy series. One of my all-time favorite series.


Emmie Mears

TIDEWATER is everything I loved about HEARTHFIRE, but bigger. The world is bigger, the characters really come into their own, and the inner workings of magic and ancient spells becomes clearer. The highlights for me were getting to see more cultures, this time even more different than what we saw in HEARTHFIRE, and the descriptions and role of the sea, which always sort of tugged at the back of my mind and at the edges of the story in HEARTHFIRE. Mears is, in my opinion, one of the best writers of our time, and I could read the descriptions of nature in this book again and again. But like HEARTHFIRE, the heart of TIDEWATER is the characters, their journeys, and the courage and selflessness they show. This is the most original fantasy series I have read in a very long time. Probably my favorite book we have published here at BHC Press, and one of my all-time favorite series.


Ryan Uytdewilligen

The ending to this book was one of the most beautiful and meaningful I’ve ever read, which I was honestly not expecting from a story about a turtle. The story had lovely descriptions, exciting exploration of the ocean and the world, and witty dialogue. I really liked that it was all from a turtle’s perspective. The voice and style of the writing was really conspiratorial and honest, and it felt welcoming. Honestly, I’m kind of a sucker for a journey story, and this one didn’t disappoint. I’m not admitting anything, but it’s possible I cried at the end.

No Death for the Wicked

Drea Damara

The flawed, believable, and relatable main character, Caria, immediately caught my interest and held it. Action scenes and dialogue were equally great. Happily, this is one of those books where the author assumes the reader is intelligent and capable of reading between the lines. The book says just enough and leaves enough to the imagination. It’s like the better action movies you’ve seen, but if their plots were greatly improved, you were more invested in the main character and the romance, and the dialogue was way better.

The Immortal Prudence Blackwood

Stephanie Grey

One of the best concepts I’ve ever come across. Prudence becomes immortal in 1785 and decides to hunt down serial killers throughout history. Yes, Jack the Ripper makes an appearance, and it doesn’t end well for him. Prudence is one of the coolest, toughest characters I have ever seen. Chuck Norris has nightmares about her. But Prudence is also much more than a serial killer-hunter. She seems real, and Grey addresses the feelings of isolation and loneliness that would inevitably come with losing everyone you know to the ever-flowing years as you live on. And through all the incredible action, Grey threads a mystery and a twist I never saw coming. The final chapters will have you flipping the pages faster and faster. One of the best stories I’ve ever read. Would love to read more about Prudence and her mission.

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