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Enter the Magical Fantasy World of THE PERFECT TEAR by Connie Lansberg

Sing your ideas into creation… A young girl, along with her four friends and pet goat, must save their world from destruction in the new fantasy series Tsera’s Gift.

Connie Lansberg discusses the inspiration, characters, and more in this author Q&A.

“an enjoyable fantasy novel that is a pretty easy read and fairly light, for all its dark tones.”

—  LibraryThing Early Reviewers

About The Perfect Tear:

The twelfth dimension is a realm of pure invention, where the combination of song and DNA sequences bring forth creations of beauty and excellence. It is here that the otherworldly being Tsera resides as the Main Creator. 

But when her position is challenged by Lerion, a confident young novice who dreams of ruling the universe, Tsera must place her hope in a human being named Eleanor who lives on planet Earth.

Eleanor is a timid, yet resilient girl who lives at the abbey orphanage. Like her mother before her, she has an incredible gift of song, and her singing can yield food from barren land—a gift Mother Superior doesn’t want to lose.

When mysterious mists and sinkholes begin threatening her planet, Eleanor discovers she is the key to her world’s survival—and Tsera’s last hope. With the help of her friends and her pet goat, Eleanor must embark on a journey to find the Perfect Tear and save Earth.

  1. What inspired you to write The Perfect Tear?

It all started with the song “Perfect Tears.” I was new to meditation and was following a guided meditation with a music producer and his wife. Within that, I saw a ball of light burst into trillions of stars, and I knew that’s who we are and I found myself crying. The story in all its forms—the book, the script, the songs—grew out of that moment.

  1. Tell us more about the characters in your book.

The book starts with Maria and her husband Charles, both in their forties and parents to Eleanor.

Maria is a healer and highly intelligent, something her husband admires greatly. She takes care of the people in the nearby village and is highly regarded as is her husband Charles. Charles supplies firewood and logs for building and does whatever he can for others. He is fiercely protective of his wife and loves that she is smarter than he is.

Eleanor, their child, is inquisitive and drawn to nature in all its forms. She is independent, but obedient and feels things deeply. She astounds Charles on a regular basis and his love for her is overwhelming. Eleanor shows signs of being an exceptional gardener. She has a strong sense of justice and is willing to take a stand. She doesn’t have much contact with other children and has no idea that girls are treated differently than boys.

Tsera is Main Creator, a position she won as a young novice for her brilliant creation of a biological world within the third density, a thing thought to be impossible. Her world is in the twelfth density, where the youth learn how to activate all four quadrants of DNA and sing their dreams into existence. It’s a place where separation between beings is thin. Tsera has been running an experiment that is put in jeopardy by Lerion.

Lerion is an exceptional young novice, who has had to overcome a handicap and dreams of becoming Main Creator. When he sees his chance, he takes it. He is brilliant and driven and works too hard. His handicap gives him an ability to keep his thoughts separate from the others, and though he appreciates the talent, it also causes great loneliness. Lalycri is his only friend.

Lalycri, also a novice, has the same handicap as Lerion but does suffer from the knowledge she is “different.” She revels in it, and is rebellious by nature. She is not as clever as Lerion, but her sense of entitlement makes up for it.

Audrey is an orphan and a rebel. She dresses as a boy and cuts her own hair with a knife. She is loud and boisterous and adores Eleanor. She’s smart and has great aim when it comes to using her sling to torment the crows. She longs for adventure and has no care for her own safety.

Rosamar is older than Eleanor and Audrey and has experienced great shame and regret. She is stunning to look at and her voice is like a song. But she is stand-offish and often cold. She doesn’t give up her secrets easily and Audrey doesn’t trust her.

Edward is a prince who longs to be a peasant. The rules and manners of court are disingenuous, and he longs for freedom. His struggle to accept his duty as a royal keeps him on edge because he also wants to please his father, the only parent he has.

  1. The Singers are very interesting! Tell us more about them. What does it mean to be a Singer?

The Singers are a lineage of women who have the ability to keep nature in balance through their voices. They were enhanced by Tsera with a special DNA sequence and given a gold comb to facilitate their unique tone. Tsera appears to the daughters of these women, who are in every land, through a hologram, and the comb is passed to the young woman on her sixteenth birthday when they are initiated into the ways and the rules of a Singer. Singers cannot change nature—they sing to it and create abundance. They are exceptional healers, but they do not perform magic. The comb amplifies the frequency that makes things grow.

  1. Eleanor lives in an abbey. Why did you choose to use this setting?

The abbeys and monasteries of the time were self-sufficient communities, and the nuns and monks did not have to venture out, so its an excellent place if somebody needs to hide or keep secrets.

  1. In the novel, singing is a special ability that can produce food from barren land. Where did you come up with this idea?

Singing to plants has been proven to be beneficial, so why not vegetables and fruit? I took that idea and enhanced it.

  1. What made you choose a medieval setting for Earth?

It’s actually set in Tudor times. They did not have muskets or any guns in medieval times. There are 165 watercolors painted by Francesca Baerald (on Instagram @theperfecttear) that clearly sets out the fashion of the day. But really, it’s just “long ago” when the world was agricultural and people lived by the seasons. I didn’t want to be specific because, maybe, the setting is an earth-like planet and not earth at all. I would like the reader to decide.

  1. Dimensions and densities play a large role in the book. Tell us more about them in an easy to understand way.

Density refers to mass and dimensions are layers of existence. The higher the dimension, the less mass it has (less density), and the faster it vibrates. Manifesting is instant in the higher dimension, though with novices, not always stable, and the goal of higher dimensional beings is to activate all 16 strands of DNA and rejoin the Main Energy Grid or MEG.

  1. Talk about the connection between music, energy, DNA, and creation. Why did you choose to use this in the book?

DNA is the biological instruction manual for each unique species. When MEG created the first individuated 16-strand DNA version of itself, it gave this being (Main Creator) freedom to create at will. MEG gave this being tools—DNA, Sound, and the Intention. The vibration of the Sound carries the energy of the Intention and infuses it into different sequences of DNA to see if the Intention matches the result. The strength of the Intention and pureness of the Sound is essential in the stability of the creation. So music is a creation language. It also maintains the integrity of our personal energy grid, and when humans finally come to understand the true purpose of music, musicians will be put in their rightful place.

  1. Lerion’s world is in another universe, and society focuses on the exploration of creation and invention. What inspired this unique concept?

I think the initial spark was from Anne McCaffrey’s The Crystal Singer which I read as a kid. The idea of using the voice as a trigger appealed to me. And then, my instincts tell me that we are here to create. I studied all five levels of a modality called Soul Realignment created by Andrrea Hess and my instincts, as per usual, were correct. Lerion’s world is what our world has the ability to become if everyone embraced the knowledge they are here for no other reason than to create. We are here to do things our way, to create our own worlds and to be autonomous.   

  1. You also wrote an album of jazz songs to accompany The Perfect Tear. Why is music important to you?

I have always sung and always written songs since I was little. I did not intend to be a professional singer—that was an accident! The Perfect Tear started life as a musical—then a film script and only then, the book.  Besides connecting us to our divine nature, music—whether playing, singing, or listening—puts us in the now, and in the now we are in a state of receivership. Our internal energy grid gets a tune up. It’s essential to our physical and mental health.

  1. What message do you want readers to take away after reading your book?

I hope the takeaway is the belief that our divinity is not separate from being human. It cannot be stolen or removed.

  1. What’s next in the series?

The next book, The Living Library, is the place where all DNA sequences are stored. It’s in danger and once again Tsera calls on Eleanor to help her save it.

About the Author:

Writing books was a natural progression for jazz singer/songwriter Connie Lansberg, who studied scriptwriting in Melbourne, Australia. She is a regular performer in the city deemed to have the best live music scene in the world, and her songs appear on several local television shows.

She enjoys writing in a cinematic style, which reflects her love of movies. The Perfect Tear is her debut novel in her fantasy series Tsera’s Gift. She’s currently working on The Living Library, the next book in the series, and she has also released an album of original songs inspired by the book.

Check out her website for more information on her and her music!

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Available in hardcover, trade softcover, and ebook.

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