Recommended Reads

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Books inspire.

They take us on adventures, help us laugh, provide an afternoon of escape, or keep us up happily reading late into the night. 

They bring us together as we talk about the characters and the stories we love to read over and over. 

From stocking stuffers to gift exchanges, books are always at the top of the list and are the perfect gift to give.

Your purchases through our online store at benefit your local area independent bookstores.

Books Worth Talking About!

Kick back with these unforgettable and memorable reads.

Page-turning Treats

Put a page-turning book under the tree.

Picks From the Editors

Our editors share their top gift-giving books for the season.

Reads That Inspire

Hope, inspiration,
and humor abound
in this selection of books perfect
for the holidays
and all year-long.

Books That Give Thrills & Chills

Give a gift of thrills, chills, or mystery, and have them reading with the lights on.

Love Really Does Conquer All

Love conquers all in these tales of romance, intrigue, and suspense.

A World of Fantasy & Adventure Await

From Atlantis to necromancers, these fantastical worlds
of adventure offer
an escape into
the imagination.

Books That Take You to Different Worlds

Virtual reality, different worlds, and dystopian tales.
Blast into one of these great science fiction reads.

Coming-of-Age Reads for Teens of All Ages

These teen books will inspire and entertain the whole year.

Books for Middle Graders & Young Teens

Curses, quests, and mysteries to solve abound in these tales of adventure, hope, and coming of age.

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