BHC Press Announces 2021 First & Second Quarter Release Schedule

BHC Press is pleased to announce our confirmed release schedule for the first and second quarters of 2021. The list is comprised of thirteen titles.

The release list is as follows:

January 2021

January 21st:

Nassir’s White Coat by Artigua Kilpatrick, Illustrations by Rebecca Fischer
Hardcover $17.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-175-9
Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-64397-176-6

When Nassir, an albino gorilla with a pure white coat is born, the gorilla community does not know what to do. Frightened at how “different” Nassir is to the rest of the gorillas, poor Nassir is shunned by everyone but his mother. But, when Nassir displays an act of courage, his community comes to realize Nassir is just like them.

March 2021

March 11th:

The Primus Initiative by Robert Davies
Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-222-0
Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN: 978-1-64397-223-7
Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-64397-224-4

A multi-species team of commandos must infiltrate a remote control station before an alien species destroys civilization.

March 18th:

Eight: A Song For The Peach Tree In My Master’s Garden by Christopher M. Struck
Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-123-0
Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-124-7
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-125-4

In this novel of devotion and revenge, a young boy battles with his identity as he strives to fulfill his dream of becoming the greatest samurai who has ever lived in this origins tale of Miyamoto Musashi.

March 25th:

A Fastball for Freedom by Gary Morgenstein
Hardcover $30.00; ISBN 978-1-64397-186-5
Trade Softcover $18.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-187-2
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-188-9

As America and the Islamic Empire drift into another world war, only baseball stands in the way in this unique dystopian futuristic tale of politics and sports.

April 2021

April 8th:

The Phantom of the East Tower by Ellen Alexander
Hardcover $25.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-195-7
Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-196-4
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-197-1

A freshman teen and a gang of friends investigate a mysterious phantom at their school academy. The third adventure in the standalone Chronicles of Dinswood series.

April 22nd:

The Confrontation by Evan D. Heuker
Hardcover $25.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-186-5
Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN: 978-1-64397-187-2
Ebook $7.99; ISBN: 978-1-64397-188-9

Picking up immediately following the events of The Uncovering, in which the Warriors finished their first great battle, the new band of heroes must gather their resources and recruit more warriors to assist in their battle with the Daigatons. Threatened by their differences, they soon find they are stronger together, despite their diversity, to fight their enemies.

April 29th:

Machines by Raymond Henri
Hardcover $25.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-216-9
Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-217-6
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-218-3

In a high-tech world where being oneself is illegal, a young man must adjust to his new life in a foreign nation while trying to pursue his chosen profession, even if it means breaking the law.

May 2021

May 6th:

Shh… It’s Our Secret by Lizzie Chantree
Hardcover $25.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-216-9
Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-217-6
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-218-3

A shy woman with hidden talents that could help a colorful cast of regulars at the local café bar finds love in this charming feel-good contemporary romance.

May 27th:

Sirgrus Blackmane Demihuman Gumshoe and the Dark Elf by William Schlichter
Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-183-4
Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-184-1
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-185-8

A dwarf detective suffering from shell shock must solve the murder of his dead partner during Prohibition in 1923 in this fantasy mystery where humans and otherworldly creatures co-exist.

June 2021

June 3rd:

Love Match by Laire McKinney
Hardcover $25.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-198-8
Trade Softcover $14.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-199-5
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-200-8

Sparks fly when an undercover journalist struggling to save her job becomes a member of a modern-day harem where she meets a prince who is dealing with problems of his own.

June 10th:

Bury the Lead by Mischa Thrace
Hardcover $21.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-219-0
Trade Softcover $12.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-220-6
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-221-3

Using the methods of Sherlock Holmes, two teens team up to solve the mystery of disappearing students and an urban legend plaguing their high school.

June 24th:

The King’s Seal by Amy Kuivalainen
Hardcover $26.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-242-8
Trade Softcover $15.95; ISBN 978-1-64397-243-5
Ebook $7.99; ISBN 978-1-64397-244-2

The final installment to The Magicians of Venice series is a treasure hunt through time as Penelope and the Magicians of Atlantis search for the legendary ring of King Solomon to defeat a demon and his followers.

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Release dates are subject to change.

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