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Peril on a Galactic Scale: THE PRIMUS INITIATIVE by Robert Davies

Robert Davies returns to his Specimen Chronicles in The Primus Initiative as Darrien Norris’s adventures continue in a battle to protect billions of lives.

“expect to become lost in a series of well-developed characters with their own complex backstories…rich and well thought out…” 

New York Journal of Books

About The Primus Initiative:

A war that began twenty years ago has arrived at last, and humanity will join the fight to save five civilizations from extinction.

After a twenty-year journey across space, the mysterious and dreaded Namadi fire ships are arriving. Their mission to destroy five civilizations will cost the lives of billions across the galactic sector if the ships can’t be stopped in time. The only hope to defeat them hinges on the success of a daring operation.  

In a desperate race against time, Darrien Norris and Onallin Rantara must lead a team of commandos to a remote world in search of crucial information to destroy their enemy. The Namadi are drawing closer and where their foe is scheduled to emerge is the most prized secret in galactic history—one they are prepared to kill for.

With surprises waiting at every corner, Darrien and Onallin have no choice but to trust new allies before it’s too late.

Time is against them, and the race for survival has begun.

“one of the best written books I’ve read in recent memory. The author has a way with words. It’s smooth, just flows over and yet powerful enough to stir the emotions the subject deserves. It’s like a painting making it so easy to visualize the scent, the setting, the people and the events. Just brilliant!”

Read an excerpt of The Primus Initiative here.

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About the Author:

Robert Davies enjoys writing science fiction as well as exploring other genres. His work includes the science fiction series The Specimen Chronicles (Specimen 959Echoes of EsharamThe Primus Initiative), When the River Ran Dry, and The Seventh Life of Aline Lloyd.

Robert’s work has earned several IPPY awards, including his debut novel Specimen 959 and When the River Ran Dry.

When not writing, he enjoys music and flying. He lives in southwest Washington with his family and four mildly overbearing cats.

Visit Robert’s website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with his work.

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