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Love and Devotion in the Life of a Samurai: 8: A SONG FOR THE PEACH TREE IN MY MASTER’S GARDEN

8: A Song for the Peach Tree in My Master’s Garden is a captivating tale of love, devotion, and determination from Christopher M. Struck.

“a beautifully descriptive work of historical fiction.” 

Fran Eichenauer, NetGalley Reviewer

Seven samurai will teach him what it means to be a warrior…one by one he will remind them of what they taught.

Young Miyamoto Musashi, who goes by the nickname Hachi, studies at the local samurai school of the Yoshioka’s. When he accidently meets his master’s daughter, Umi, in a forbidden garden beneath a peach tree, it’s love at first sight. They plan to meet again beneath the tree, but Umi never shows.

Driven by his desire to prove he is worthy, Hachi vows to become the greatest samurai who has ever lived to earn the right to see Umi again. As he trains under seven great samurai, he never forgets Umi and his desire to be with her grows. 

When Hachi suffers a great betrayal, he is driven by his own sense of justice and the driving force of what it means to be a samurai while he searches for peace and tranquility.

A classic tale of devotion and revenge, Miyamoto will come face to face with his own destiny in this origins tale of his life.

Click here to read an excerpt of 8: A Song for the Peach Tree in My Master’s Garden.

“This origins tale of Miyamoto’s life is beautifully rendered with awe-striking talent for writing and originality. A reader gets to know well the character’s heart and soul, his personal journey and achievements. This is one of those exceptional stories, noted for its originality in depiction and literary in language.” 

Annette B., Best Historical Fiction

About the Author:

Christopher M. Struck enjoys writing contemporary and historical fiction. His debut novel Kennig & Gold is a 1940s love-at-first-sight iconic American tale inspired by true events.

He enjoys traveling, studying foreign languages, and is especially fond of the Japanese culture. He resides in New York City where he writes reviews for Cabaret Scenes Magazine and BroadwayWorld

Catch up with Christopher at his website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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