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Restless Spirits and Rocky Relationships: THE PHANTOM OF THE EAST TOWER

Follow Emma Higsby’s exciting adventures with phantoms and friends in The Phantom of the East Tower, the newest entry in The Dinswood Chronicles by Ellen Alexander.

Emma’s excitement for freshman year quickly wanes when she discovers Doug has a new girlfriend. Although heartbroken, she’s determined to throw herself into school activities, and she decides to go out for cheerleading. 

When she begins to witness strange encounters and glimpses what appears to be a phantom on the castle’s east tower, Emma’s investigative skills are put to the test and sparks a secret adventure through the academy’s underground caverns. 

When an unforeseen danger threatens to undo all that she’s accomplished, Emma must gather her courage and do the right thing. But what will it cost? And will she and Doug ever be the same again?

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, you can read a preview of the first two chapters of The Phantom of the East Tower here.

Catch up with Ellen Alexander in this fun Q&A here.

Ready for even more of Emma Higsby’s adventures? Check out the first two books in the series below.

“This rollicking story for middle grades was full of excitement and suspense.”

 Sandy McPherson, LibraryThing  Early Reviewer

“…a great installment of the Dinnswood Academy series. Fans of action-packed stories set at school and enjoy mysteries and puzzle-solving adventures will enjoy…”

—Amber Buttram, NetGalley Reviewer

About the Author:

Ellen Alexander is the author of The Dinswood Chronicles, an exciting mystery-adventure series featuring Emma Higsby and her friends at Dinswood Academy. Blending the intrigue of Nancy Drew, the lasting friendships of Harry Potter, and the fun and adventure of The Goonies, this series is appropriate for readers age 10+.

Ellen, a retired teacher, resides in the small town of Dixon, Missouri with her husband Jim. She enjoys spending her days writing stories inspired by the great mysteries she grew up reading.

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