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The Warriors’ bond is put to the test along with their strength in The Confrontation, the fascinating new entry in the Warriors Legacy series by Evan D. Heuker.

The war against the Daigatons has just begun…

Following their first battle, the Warriors and their friends split up to gather resources and rally forces to fight Vile and the Daigatons on their home planet. But splitting up soon presents challenges that prove there are many things that can divide them besides distance. As secrets, distrust, and tensions swirl, the unlikely band of heroes find themselves at odds with each other.

As their list of allies grows, so does their list of enemies, and along the way, they each learn that there’s more to their unique Warrior abilities than they realized. When they discover secret knowledge and uncover a plot to destroy everything in existence, the Warriors will have to figure out how to band together once more if they hope to survive.

Chapter 1: Where to Begin

I was scared of what could be beyond that strange light in the realm of the Goddesses even though I told Kendra that I wasn’t. I could remember the look on her face as I left her. The expression was both proud of me but also frightened. Of course, I was worried too, but I chose not to show it. I just hoped that what we were doing would be worth it. It would require our full and foremost effort to make it work.

We said our goodbyes and went to face our tasks. Kendra would travel with the hatchlings and use my Dragons of the Universe book to find and round up as many dragons as they could find to aid us. Slite would travel to Brevorp in our ship to find his good friend at a massive library and retrieve helpful information and supplies. Xackle, K.C., and Dean would wait for information on freeing child hostages from the Daigatons on Niju. Woran, Endokia, and Krystall would train some Trimen from Frizzy’s home planet of Element to assist in our upcoming battle against Vile. I would return to the Goddesses and attempt to restore their powers in order for them to help us, taking along a mysterious blank book that wrote notes to me on my journey.

I transformed into my Warrior form of Dragon and opened a portal to The Center to help the Goddesses with their endeavor. It still threw me for a loop on how an eerie light could stop them from using their powers. What is more powerful than a Goddess? And what is beyond it? Why can’t they enter it, but others can?

Entering the habitable space of the Goddesses, I didn’t see them anywhere. I called out for them. “Are you here?” What kind of question is that? Where else would they be?

“Who is it?” one of the Goddesses asked.

“It’s Ezmer,” I replied.

“Doesn’t sound familiar.”

“Dragon, then. I’m Dragon’s choice for a Warrior.”

Spark, the Goddess of Fire appeared in front of me. “You’ve come to help us then?”

“Yes, I have.”

Spark motioned for me to follow her to an eerie yellowish light. Of all the places I’ve been, The Center creeped me out the most, second only to Daigaton. This empty space was much like a life-threatening fall without an end. I found that I was not walking or even flying toward that yellow light but hovering just like Spark. As I glided on, the other Goddesses appeared around me—Shiver, Wisp, Whaiter, Glitter, and Gleam. Their appearance was still astonishing. With their unsurpassable beauty and unique looks, I don’t even think that Endokia’s Warrior Glaix could mimic them with his transformations.

Spark and I stopped just in front of the light. I glanced around at the Goddesses to see what they were going to do. They all had a look of desperation on their faces. I truly felt for them. It must have been terrible to have all that power and then have it diminished and stripped away.

“Could you leave me for a moment?” I kindly asked them.

Respecting my request, they vanished from sight. I was rather terrified, but it was up to me to do this. I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I thought of happier things. The farm back home before it burned. The others and the good times we’ve had. I did feel a little better, but I was still frightened. Either way, I had to do it. I took a deep breath and stepped through the light. I was immediately blinded, and I shuffled my way through the extremely bright illumination.

At the other end of the eerie light it seemed like the total opposite of The Center. It was a light and cheery place where nothing appeared to be wrong. Wherever it was, it was not at all what I expected. It was very beautiful with clear skies, green lands, tall trees, and calming waters. It reminded me a little of home. I took a deep breath of fresh air.

At that moment, something felt bizarre. I heard a flickering noise. Drawing my sword Cleanser from its sheath, I examined the area. I didn’t see anything. The portal that I came through had faded away. I had no quick escape back to The Center.

A screeching arose from the sky, and I quickly looked around. The sky split with a dark portal—a portal not much different than one I could make with my necklace. A Rhybainion eagle came through it. I wasn’t going to take any beatings from this one like I had from the one back home. When the eagle came at me, I was prepared and ready to strike. I swiped with Cleanser, but the eagle passed through it and smashed into me as if my sword wasn’t even there. I went tumbling backward and crashed into a massive tree branch, snapping it. A little shaken, I got up. The screeching horror came barreling at me with such strength that the leaves shook off the trees, the thundering of its feet creating little fault lines in the ground.

As it approached faster, I spat a fireball at it. The eagle didn’t even divert from its path. The fireball passed directly through the eagle and did absolutely nothing as the fire disappeared out of sight. I turned and ran for my life, thrusting my powerful dragon wings as hard as possible.

Kendra opened the Dragons of the Universe book.

Towers, a dragon hatchling, examined it over her shoulder.

Which one do you think we should find first? she questioned him through her mind power.

The more powerful ones, replied Towers. For a battle, you need the stronger to achieve victory.

Kendra searched the book for a moment. It was a tough decision to make depending upon which dragons were still alive and if they would cooperate or feud with each other.

Hmm…how about this one? “The White Frost Dragon lives on Ripchaw in the glacier region of the planet. With no wings, it uses its arctic breath to skim across the planet’s surface,” Kendra read from the book.

Sounds like it’s worth a shot, recommended Towers.

With some images from the book, Kendra was able to open a portal to Ripchaw. Immediately, a burst of cold air ripped past. The remaining fourteen hatchlings, including Towers, went through the portal.

Frigid wind blew, chilling Kendra to the bone. Let’s try to make this quick. Kendra was impatient, shivering all the way to her wing tips. Towers, any suggestions on where to look first?

Not really. Different dragons prefer different things. Take us, for example. Just because we prefer to live underground doesn’t mean that you will find us there.

Luckily there wasn’t a blizzard. Ripchaw’s sun was barely showing through the clouds that were sprinkling down layer after layer of snow. Some mountains could hardly be seen off in the distance. This place was definitely the definition of a winter wonderland.

Let’s look in that hilly area over there, Kendra suggested, pointing toward the mountains.

Kendra sat on Towers’ back and they began to survey from the sky. The higher air had more chill to it. Kendra felt cold in her unsuitable clothing. She had thought about going back to Zelǹg to retrieve more, but she didn’t want to delay their mission. Her wings were her only source of warmth. The body heat from Towers’ inner fire felt good as she laid on him, but his scales were rough, causing pain with every stroke of his wings. Kendra wanted to fly, but she knew that she would not be able to keep up with the other dragons. She didn’t want to slow them down. Everyone was in a hurry to complete their missions and get back.

One of the dragons began to call out to all the others.

What is she saying? Kendra asked, entering Towers’ mind.

A village far off in the distance, he explained.

A village would obviously contain settlers and hopefully information that would lead to the destination of the White Frost Dragon.

It was at least five minutes until the village came into Kendra’s sight and another five to get there. Those were ten of the longest minutes of Kendra’s life. The bitter cold was eating away at her, but she was determined to push through.

To no surprise, the villagers were rather frightened by the dragons’ arrival and fled inside their homes. Upon their landing, Kendra immediately jumped off Towers’ back and glided herself to the ground. She was in a tremendous amount of pain, and the cold increased that tenfold. Checking herself, she noticed a large tear in her clothing. She was bleeding on the inside of her legs, stomach, and chest. The blood began to soak through her clothing, freezing on her skin. Kendra became so cold that she fell to her knees and began to shiver.

Towers nudged her with his nose. Stay strong.

I’m trying my best, she said, holding herself tight.

An elderly woman from the village came out. She was rather hunched and walked with a scepter. An animal’s fur was draped over her back, and the creature’s vicious head rested upon hers. Thick clothing that was plain in color but very exquisite in design covered her body, and what could be seen of her was rather shriveled and dried out. Her fur showed signs of age and wrinkles underneath.

She approached Kendra and the dragons. As she got closer, Towers took a fierce stance and placed both of his heads to the sides of Kendra.

The old woman wasn’t fazed by this threat and moved closer. Standing directly in front of Kendra, she knelt to examine her, observing her abrasions.

Lifting her scepter, the woman began to mumble a chant. The orb on top of the scepter swirled with bands of white and silver inside. She continued to motion with the orb toward Kendra’s body.

Kendra’s trembling increased, and her eyes rolled back.

Towers let out a vicious roar, but she ignored him. Towers did not try to stop her, not knowing her motives.

She stopped chanting and pulled her scepter away. Kendra stopped shaking and fell unconscious. The woman stood up and motioned to Towers. “Come,” she told him. “To my shanty. Inside is where she must go.” She did not look back but walked casually toward the village.

At first, Towers was cautious, unaware of what she had said. He made sure to keep a wary eye on the woman. He did not want to cause trouble, so he followed her. Carefully, Towers picked up Kendra with his claws and followed the woman.

At the shanty, Towers slowly placed Kendra outside of the entrance. The woman opened the door and carried Kendra in. Before closing the door, she turned toward Towers. “The window is where you may watch,” she said, pointing.

Towers peered through both windows with each head while the other hatchlings remained outside of the village, grouping together for warmth.

The woman prepared an area for Kendra to lay with blankets and pillows. After she placed Kendra on the blankets, she went through shelves and took out some jars filled with plants and liquids. Setting them next to Kendra, she began to open them. Gathering them in a bowl, the woman stirred and mixed and grinded them together. She spread the yellow mixture along Kendra’s arms, legs, and forehead.

After carefully placing a blanket on Kendra, the woman walked outside to Towers. He towered over her. Towers was a large reptile, and the woman resembled a large rat standing on its hind legs with four arms.

We should talk,” the woman told Towers, motioning for him to follow her away from the village.

You speak my tongue all too well for an inferior mortal.” Towers was still feeling testy.

Inferior is a state of intelligence, not size or race. All of us, a state of mortality we have.

No undermining. Non-dragons do not come by our language so easily. Prove your meager intelligence. What do you know?

I know who you are, who that girl is, and what you are here for.

Towers ignored her by turning his two heads away.

Towers you are, the hatchling of the late Diamond Eyes. Fine in due time, Kendra will be, and looking for the White Frost Dragon you are.

The woman had regained Towers’ attention. “Who are you?” he asked.

Endokia, Woran, and Krystall had just made it through the portal and were on their way to find Dr. Mertan on Element. It was a late night and the moon shimmered like water over the colorful landscape. A steel drum and whimsical instruments resounded. Fire could be seen shooting off into the sky like mini rockets.

The three of them wandered over to what appeared to be a celebration. The Trimen were all dancing and eating and drinking so much, they didn’t notice that the ones who had helped save their planet had returned. Of course, they had never visited on a friendly basis that wasn’t on a mission before, and this time wouldn’t be any different.

Woran nudged Endokia. “There’s the Doc, or at least I think that’s him.”

It was the Doc all right, but not like they had seen him before. He was in a getup that made him appear to be some sort of shaman or wizard dancing around with a group of other Trimen dressed in a similar fashion. The three walked over to have a word with him.

“Excuse me, Dr. Mertan.” Woran tried to grab his attention.

“Give me a moment. I’ll be right with you,” he told them as he continued to dance.

They all sat on the ground as they waited for the Doc. The dance was enjoyable to watch. A lot of the movements were intricate jumps and spins, and the dancers were fully in sync. Every so often, the group of dancers would shoot little spurts of fire, like sparklers, up into the sky, lighting up the night.

Once the dance ended, Dr. Mertan came right over and shook everyone’s hand. “What is it that I can help you with?” he asked. “Is she expecting soon?” Dr. Mertan pointed to Krystall, who was easily seven months pregnant.

“Not for a while yet,” Krystall informed the doctor.

“What’s with the party?” Woran asked.

“The One-of-All Festival. It is an annual festival where everyone comes together to remember that we are all part of the same planet and universe. It is quite a sad turnout this year. With the attack on the planet about two months ago everyone is afraid to come out and have some fun.”

“Tell me about your costume,” Endokia asked.

“It represents a part of our past. Before doctors, there were shamans and other spell casters that used to heal the ill and wounded. When medicine was introduced, no one went for their aid anymore, and they gradually disappeared. Now tell me, what is the meaning of your visit?”

Krystall came straight to the point. “We need your help.”

“We are trying to gather an army,” Endokia began, “and it’s only going to work if we get help from all of the Trimen.”

The Doc stared at them. “What kind of help?”

“We want the Trimen to be soldiers in our army,” explained Woran.

“Impossible; you can’t ask them to fight. Like I said, most of them were too afraid to leave the comforts of their home to have a good time at a festival. Unless you have some way to hypnotize people into following you, they will never leave the planet.”

“I never liked hypnotism.” Endokia chuckled. “But I was always good with words.”

“I suppose that you’ve killed with them too,” Woran said, rolling his eyes and turning his head away.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Frizzy?”

“Don’t Frizzy me. You openly admitted to killing some of our family members.”

“I made some mistakes. I was played. Even Ezmer said so.”

“That doesn’t make up for the fact that you should have been smart enough to know that you could have done something else to begin with.”

“At that time, it didn’t seem like I could have done anything different.”

“Hmm, let me think back to that moment. Oh wait, I can’t, since a majority of my memory is gone.”

“I already said that it wasn’t intentional. What do you want me to do? Whack you in the back of the head and see if the rest of your memory comes back?”

“Gentlemen, please,” the Doc said, stopping their argument. “I don’t know what is going on with you two, but by the sound of it, you can’t wait on the aid from us. Now, I’d like to know why you would like the Trimen for an army.”

“We are going to invade Daigaton and take out Vile while he is weak,” Endokia said.

Dr. Mertan’s jaw dropped. “You can’t be serious. It’ll be suicide for you and all that aid you.”

“Not if we get enough people to help us, and that includes you,” Krystall added.

“So, we are not your only means of assistance. Who else are you acquiring aid from?”

“We have help from the Pegglentaurs of Zelǹg, Kendra is seeking aid from dragons, Xackle is getting some very skilled prisoners, and Ezmer has gone to the Goddesses for help,” Endokia informed him.

“That still doesn’t sound like enough to me.” Dr. Mertan shook his head in uncertainty.

“His army has become diminished since we destroyed countless numbers of his troops when they attacked Zelǹg.”

“There was an attack on Zelǹg?” the Doc asked, concerned.

“We prevailed and we wish to do so again, but we need the help of the Trimen.”

“You can talk to them, but you’ll have to wait for the end of the festival. I highly doubt that they will help you.”

As time passed, all of them got a little more involved with the party waiting for it to end. The music echoed through the night, enwrapping all of them in such a way that it seemed impossible not to dance. Using his Warrior’s morphing ability, Endokia made himself look like a Triman in their beautiful and intricate costumes. Woran tossed his own fire spurts along with everyone else all throughout the night.

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