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Staff Picks|Recommended Reads by Hannah Ryder

When it comes to “what to read next?” our staff has it covered! BHC Press staff members are bringing their favorite reads to you.

Hannah Ryder is an Editor at BHC Press.

Hannah is a senior studying Creative Writing at Western Michigan University. When Hannah’s not studying, she likes hiking, reading, writing, purchasing buttons with witty catchphrases, and dreaming of owning a motorcycle. She lives with her betta fish, Reggie, and a cardboard cut-out of Kurt Busch.

Check out her recommended read:

Hood Academy

Shelly Wilson

Stories about teens becoming supernatural creatures have been done often, but not as action-packed as HOOD ACADEMY. Mia is only fifteen years old when her father is murdered and she is taken to the elusive school to fight werewolves, but she soon questions whether that’s her real destiny. Mia is a character that has had every misfortune in the book but is headstrong and likeable. I felt her inner struggle of trying desperately to understand who she was and who she’s meant to be. The fight scenes were undoubtedly my favorite and had me flipping pages like crazy. Watching her navigate a new life, a new possible way of life, a new love, and grow up quickly made me get lost in the novel and the world. A blending of Vampire Academy and The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, HOOD ACADEMY takes werewolves to another level of suspense.

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