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What do Dragons and Space Pirates Have in Common? THE CONFRONTATION

Dragons, space pirates, and magic: a wild sci-fi/fantasy journey awaits in The Confrontation, the newest novel in the Warriors Legacy series by Evan D. Heuker.

The war against the Daigatons has just begun…

Following their first battle, the Warriors and their friends split up to gather resources and rally forces to fight Vile and the Daigatons on their home planet. But splitting up soon presents challenges that prove there are many things that can divide them besides distance. As secrets, distrust, and tensions swirl, the unlikely band of heroes find themselves at odds with each other.

As their list of allies grows, so does their list of enemies, and along the way, they each learn that there’s more to their unique Warrior abilities than they realized. When they discover secret knowledge and uncover a plot to destroy everything in existence, the Warriors will have to figure out how to band together once more if they hope to survive.

Available From:

Can’t wait until your copy arrives to start reading? Check out a short excerpt here on our blog, or a longer one here.

For even more from the universe of Warriors Legacy, check out the first book in the series, The Uncovering!

Link to the BHC Press page on The Uncovering

About the Author:

Link to BHC Press's author page for Evan D Hueker

Evan was born and raised in a small town in Michigan where there are more cows than people. He favors science fiction and fantasy, and he credits The Hobbit as his biggest writing influence. A graduate of Oakland University, he holds a BFA in theater acting. When not writing, he enjoys RPG video games.

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