Book Launch

Discover the world of MACHINES

The second installment of Raymond Henri’s Tear of God series is finally here! Join Mink in Machines as he struggles against a powerful enemy to save those he loves.

Three years after the Battle of Rift Ridge, Mink is still struggling as he adjusts to his new life as a Machinist in the high-tech world of Freeland. Two goals push him to keep going: developing his newly discovered affinity for metal and avenging his lost love. Both will require him to break the law.

Mink’s unique talents are illegal to use but his skill of manipulating metal soon catches the attention of a clandestine revolutionary group, who offer to help him achieve his objectives in exchange for sharing his abilities.

When a plot to destroy his former home is discovered, Mink will have no choice but to trust an unknown ally and hope that his newly acquired skills will be enough to save them before his past catches up to him.

Available From:

Curious about what happened before Machines? Check out more of Mink’s adventures in Elements, the first book in the Tear of God series!

About the Author:

Raymond Henri is the author of the science fiction/fantasy Tear of God chronicles. An alleged geek who is overly fascinated by too much, his writing is an amalgam of rich details seldom found together but make a great combination, much like children and sleep. 

He resides in Georgia with his wife and three children where he is currently working on the next novel in his series.

Keep up with Raymond on Facebook or Twitter.

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