Book Launch

Release Day: Swoon-worthy Romance Awaits in LOVE MATCH

If you’ve been dreaming of beautiful beaches and swoon-worthy romance, Love Match is the book for you! Laire McKinney‘s beautifully vivid storytelling will transport you into a modern-day fairy-tale romance.

Coming to America meets Pretty Woman in this modern-day fairy tale of finding love in the most unexpected places.

Serena McAllister is devastated to find her fiancé has cheated on her—again. When she learns her newspaper is outsourcing jobs to freelance writers, she’s desperate to land the last remaining staff position. Unfortunately, her rival Jane Childers wants the coveted spot as well, and she’s just as determined. 

Vowing to do whatever it takes to get her life in order, Serena decides to join a modern-day harem and write a provocative article about the objectification of women across the world to land her dream job at the newspaper.  

When Serena arrives at the tiny tropical paradise known as Birin Island, she meets Prince Shailemon Sharma, who is dealing with his own issues of archaic customs in his homeland. 

As sparks begin to fly, they discover that attraction can lead to so much more—and that there are no barriers of culture or country when love is on the line.

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Praise for Love Match

“This book has it all, love heartbreak, drama, and rivalry. It’s a fast paced read that you won’t want to put down. LOVE MATCH is one of my favorite books of 2021!”

— Tammy Feeney, No Shelf Control

“LOVE MATCH is a great read! [McKinney] takes you on an enjoyable ride, one that you can see, smell, and almost feel the sun on your skin.”

— Beth Norton, NetGalley Reviewer

“McKinney crafts words so well-written I almost packed a bag. Instead I’ll suggest this one to friends but warn them they might stay up all night.”

— Heather Douglass, NetGalley Reviewer

“What a fun quick read! Lots of great laugh out loud moments and just enough spicy scenes to be tantalizing, but not overkill.” 

—Katie Brummel, NetGalley Reviewer

Love Match Now Available From:

About the Author:

Laire McKinney enjoys writing fiction for women across many genres. Her debut novel, Destiny Fulfilled, was well-received and is earning great reviews. She believes in a hard-earned happily-ever-after, endearing characters, and complex conflict. When not writing, she can be found traipsing among the wildflowers, reading under a willow tree, or gazing at the moon while pondering the meaning of it all. Originally from West Virginia, she now lives in Virginia with her family and beloved rescue animals.

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