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New Release | Urban Legends, Sherlock Holmes, and a Mystery to Solve in the new YA Novel BURY THE LEAD

If you’re looking for a YA mystery to captivate your curiosity, look no further than Bury the Lead. Follow Kennedy Carter’s story as she writes some of her own, and uncovers a monstrous plot along the way.

Cover of Bury The Lead by Mischa Thrace

Sherlock Holmes may not have been a journalist, but that doesn’t stop high school senior Kennedy Carter from embracing his methods. With her sights set on becoming an investigative reporter, Kennedy lives by the famous detective’s rules: observe the obvious, eliminate the impossible, and avoid romantic entanglements at all costs.

Kennedy has her heart set on winning the $10,000 Excellence in Emerging Journalism award so she can finally escape her small town and see the world with her very own kind-hearted Watson—best friend and school photographer Ravi Burman.

But research into a local urban legend and a murder investigation she can’t resist are threatening to derail her plans. To find the killer preying on her graduating class, she and Ravi team up to investigate the deaths and work to uncover the story of a lifetime—if it doesn’t cost them their lives first.

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Praise for Bury the Lead

“Sufficiently thrilling.”

Kirkus Reviews

“[a] thrilling and gripping ride that promises to keep you up all night, with an ending that has you holding your breath for answers!”

Along the Lines

“BURY THE LEAD was a well written quick read that had a compelling mystery, and a very satisfying conclusion.”

—Taylor Clark, NetGalley Reviewer

“I love a good murder mystery. I love a good YA novel. This was both of those things, and I am very happy to have gotten to read it.”

—Bridget Heeney, Educator and NetGalley Reviewer

Bury the Lead Now Available From:

About the Author:

Mischa Thrace enjoys writing fiction for young adults and is the author of Bury the Lead and My Whole Truth (Flux Books). She has worked as an English teacher, a horse trainer, a baker, and a librarian and has amassed enough random skills to survive most apocalypses.

She loves tea, all things geek, and not getting ax-murdered on long walks in the woods. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and the best one-eyed dog in the world.

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