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Sneak Peak | New Zombie Graphic Novel NOT ALONE

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is hard, but surviving when your only companion doesn’t remember who they are is even harder. Check out the images below for a special preview of Not Alone, a new graphic novel from Sophocles Sapounas releasing on July 22, 2021!

A teenage girl with nothing more than a jacket and a handful of clues searches for her uncle in a post-apocalyptic world with a young amnesiac as her sidekick all while evading a horde of zombies.

Panel Previews from Not Alone

If you can’t wait to forge your way into the world of Not Alone, you can preorder your copy at the links below!

Not Alone: Releases 7/22/21!

About the Author:

Sophocles Sapounas is the creator of the Not Alone graphic novel series. A self-taught graphic novelist, he is inspired by those who make their own dreams come true. He enjoys collaborating with his cats, even though they tend to be unreliable at best.

Sophocles resides in the historic Corktown district near Detroit, Michigan. In his spare time he disregards sleep for late-night techno parties and enjoys spending whatever time is left with his loved ones and going on adventures.   

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