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Perfect Reads for Your Beach Day

Find your next sun-soaked page turner with our Summer 2021 Beach Reads!

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Run Rachel Run

Patricia Paris

When a stalker threatens witty and independent Rachael Gooding, she is forced to turn to a local detective who she depends on for protection and who she finds herself wildly attracted to. But when a man is murdered near her home, events from her past may ruin any opportunity for her to find the love she never thought she’d have.

Where’s Karen?

Greg Jolley

When famous violinist Karen Danser realizes that a dangerous artist is set on making Karen his newest work of art she knows she must run and stay one step ahead of the evil that is chasing her.

Josh’s Challenge

Elise Manion

Melissa Theroux has always used her shy girl label to her advantage. Josh King has always been intrigued by Melissa and he’s determined to make her a part of his life. Now Melissa’s in danger and she must turn to Josh for help. Can Melissa overcome her past that won’t leave her alone to find her happily ever after?

Deep North

Barry Knister

Brenda Contay has pretty much anything she can ask for, including a recent Pulitzer Prize. The only thing missing is a meaningful relationship…but that seems about to change when her and a friend take a fishing trip to Northern Minnesota. But the trip soon takes a dangerous turn and challenges Brenda to make the toughest decision of her life.

Going Dark

Jolene Grace

CIA agent Gabriel Jets has one mission: retrieve a video depicting the kidnapping of four U.S. journalists. Instead, he finds Amelia Sinclair, a journalist who is wanted in connection with the kidnappings and a bombing in Syria. Except Jets doesn’t believe she is responsible and he’ll do anything to clear Amelia’s name.

Love Match

Laire McKinney

A soon-to-be-outsourced journalist joins a modern-day harem to save her job and meets a Prince dealing with his own issues of an oppressive culture. Together they discover there are no barriers of culture or country when love is on the line.

The Immortal City

Amy Kuivalainen

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by academia for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again. Drawn into a world of dark magic and history Penelope will need to use all her strength to find the answers she seeks

A Witchly Influence

Stephanie Grey

Newly divorced witch Carmen Devereaux must navigate her new job from Fate as an Influencer to help others find their destiny. With assistance from her very unique friends, Carmen helps others find their way in this light-hearted and humorous novel.

Shh… It’s Our Secret

Lizzie Chantree

A shy woman with hidden talents that could help a colorful cast of regulars at the local café bar finds love in this charming feel-good contemporary romance.

Finding Myself

Olga Sushinksky

Dissatisfied with her quiet life with her husband, Rebecca O’Connor-Smith volunteers for a summer archaeological dig in Israel. There, she finds herself yearning to further her archeological career-and yearning for another volunteer. Torn between two very different lives, Rebecca must choose what kind of life she wants to live for herself.

Madame Koska

Ilil Arbel

Meet Madame Koska-a fabulous haute couture designer and the owner of a new atelier in 1920’s London who has a knack at solving crimes that baffle the police. When a priceless brooch disappears from a museum in Russia, Madame Koska is suddenly drawn into the mystery. But who is Madame Koska? And what does the missing jewel have to do with her?

This Time Forever

Patricia Paris

During a chance encounter with a friend, Blake Morrisson discovers a son he never knew existed. Finding the boy has been the only thing he cared about for months until Delaney Brannigan came to town. But when he discovers Delaney isn’t who she appears to be will the lovers lose one another to deception, or discover a once in a lifetime happiness?

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