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Book Excerpt | An Easy and Fun Guide to Self-help: SELF-HELP FOR THE HELPLESS by Bestselling Author Shelley Wilson

Check out an exclusive excerpt of Shelley Wilson’s new book, Self-Help for the Helpless. Shelly’s experience as a personal development blogger and self-help author, along with her own journey to self-empowerment, inspired her to create a how-to for self-help. Releasing on December 2nd, 2021, there’s something in Self-Help for the Helpless for everyone from novices to experienced self-improvers.

Book Excerpt | Russian and Finnish Folklore Revamped in Amy Kuivalainen’s New Firebird Faerie Tales Series

Amy Kuivalenen is back with a whole new mystical world for you to explore. Drawing from Russian and Finnish folklore, the author of the hit Magicians of Venice series brings you Cry of the Firebird, the first in an all-new series that’s sure to entrance both new readers and old fans alike. Find an exclusive sneak peek in the article below, but don’t be surprised when it leaves you craving more.

Book Excerpt | A Mysterious Book Holds the Key in LOOK TO THE SUN by Emmie Mears

A revolution is no easy thing, especially when you have the seeds of dissent planted in your mind…

BHC Press is proud to bring you an exclusive preview of Emmie Mears’ newest work; the highly anticipated Look to the Sun, releasing on October 28th. A touching tale of finding hope in dark places, Look to the Sun is sure to find a place near the top of your to-read list.